Simple and practical shamanism for a life of well-being

Methods of transformation and shamanic healing, drum work, holding ceremonial spaces, ancestral work, voice and sound, circles and egregores; how to operate in a safe, authentic and professional container.

Integrate these practical and unique skills into your personal life or into any professional approach in business, body practice, yoga, coaching, wellness or medical practice.

“Never before has it been so crucial to return to the wisdoms of yesteryear, they have always contributed to the evolution of consciousness and the return to harmony and nature” — Frederic Cherri


Why this Program

The Shaman's Path

The perpetual search for the best ways to deepen my own clinical practice and to support the healing and empowerment of my clients has led me to ancestral medicine, also called shamanism. The past three decades have taught me that shamanic states of altered consciousness and “tracking” are vital in allowing the release of the non-ordinary capacities for transformation that we all possess and in supporting the return of the fragmented part of a person as a whole, the true process of healing.

Practical Tools

These states are subtle but easy to learn and integrate into our personal lives. They can also be applied to any modern practice, coaching, bodywork, therapy, energy, psychology or medical practice, as well as in business. Shamanic perception can help anyone catalyze rare states of physiological, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It is an invaluable tool that you will cherish for your own growth as well as in your own healing practice.

A step

This training is also a step for those wishing to understand or deepen their practice of ancestral medicines; these natural elements, plants, animals or others whose mission is to teach us and help us to heal. The first peoples, all over the world, and since the dawn of time, have always had these practices in ceremonies serving them in a very practical way in their everyday life for the purpose of regulating the harmony of the individual or the community.


The Way of the Shaman is a path of personal and professional development. It is also a spiritual path of healing, self-reliance and personal empowerment. It’s about remembering and awakening the power of who you are and harnessing it for your action in the world.
  • Deepen your connection to the world of Spirit
  • Find the ancestral line that supports you, renew your alliance with it and use it in your daily life
  • Identify or deepen your own life mission
  • Expand your connection to the natural world
  • Clarify your vision; see the underlying reality and remove the blocks that freeze it
  • Recover the memory of who you are, your authenticity and integrity
  • Reveal and establish action plans for your future in relation to your communities
  • Learn to use the drum, feathers, smoke, incense…
  • Learn the drum journey through altered consciousness space for useful and practical purposes
  • Use voice or sound to channel energies
  • Learn to “dream the world in the making” and the power of your creativity through shamanic vision
  • Learn self-assessment that allows you to never be wrong and where rigor, authenticity, vulnerability and inner strength are the only guarantors and internal compasses of self-confidence

Visionary states help bring profound & durable life-changes for yourself, clients & patients

A hands-on program. Practice & master perceptual shifts to discover and resolve what limits people’s wellbeing, health, mental patterns & belief systems. Bring new & complementary ways to serve and help others in your coaching or therapeutic practice.
Here are some of the details for this unique program

Who is this for

This program will interest existing coaches, practitioners or clinicians of any psychology, medical, or natural health field wanting to bring to their offering the power of ancestral shamanic practices. It will also attract those with an interest in merging spirituality and edge-science offer to support and enlist true healing & wellbeing.

What to expect

This is a hands-on program. In this 7-day program you will develop, practice & master perceptual shifts combined with light touch skills to discover what affects wellbeing in the body, limiting thought patterns, and to support a return to harmony & balance as well as how to help resolve any limiting beliefs or life stories.


You will gain confidence in integrating this approach in any coaching, clinical or natural health practice, to help clients, patients, grow transform and heal. From a clinical point of view this program will also help any practitioner treat most conditions for most people in a safe & efficient manner.

Designed to help you assist deep transformation & healing

Everything in this unique program has been carefully crafted to help you assist others in their transformation or healing journey, so that they can access their own true power, thrive in all aspects of life and matter to the people they love and care about.
Here are some of the skills presented in this unique program


A shift in perception is what is required to enter the practical realm of shamanic ‘true healing’. We use universal shamanic practices to support this part of the journey. All the tools are within.


To see Health or wellbeing & the lack of it (not disease or limitations) requires a sustained shift and embodiment of ‘Shamanic Awareness’. It enhances our capacity to support true transformation.


Creating and sustaining a ‘State of Shamanic Awareness’ is a game-changer in any practice, with any dysfunction. The ultimate tool for an efficient and result-oriented practice.

True Relation

Discover what a true Relational Field with Health and suffering can bring. How it offers a profound connection with the natural healing forces at work. Assist healing unfold, gently, safely, durably.

A Way of Being

Your quality of ‘Being-With’ in any relationship (therapeutic or not) as the most powerful catalyst in a sacred undertaking. Move from ‘academic’‘ to ‘Integrated’ Presence, the only one that truly serves wellbeing & healing.

New way of learning

An emerging way of learning, modeled on indigenous wisdom systems, new to us: understanding the world through experiential awareness, not doctrine,  not diagnostics systems, nor informational knowledge.
Simple pricing

All inclusive, fully residential in comfortable jungle setting,

Notice: If you need a private room or a payment plan contact us
Limited to 10 participants!

Your Guide

Frédéric Cherri 

A medicine man and facilitator of retreats, specialist in ancestral medicines, medical intuitive. leader and innovator in the field of transformation

“Frédéric Cherri is a rare blend of clinician, visionary and shamanic scholar with the ability to articulate the intangible to our minds, while touching the wisdom of our hearts.”

Frédéric is a visionary, an intuitive as well as an energy therapist with a long clinical experience in cranio-sacral therapy, shamanism and ancestral medicine.

Born in Africa, raised in the south of France, Frédéric divides his time between Mexico and Europe. His transition from a successful career in business led him to establish and run a natural health center in New Zealand for over 20 years.
He is also a lecturer on the topics of natural health and shamanism.
He has extensive knowledge of shamanism and ancestral plant medicine. He offers ceremonial circles all over the world. His teachers, from different cultures and lineages, are mainly found in the highlands of the Andes and in the forests and jungles of Central and South America.

With 30 years of clinical professional experience, including 20 years of shamanic research and field studies, trained in ancient and modern fields of healing, depth psychology, energy medicine and altered perception your guide is inspired by human potential and the processes that catalyze transformation and healing.

How do you become an ancestral medicine guide?

A true guide to ancestral medicine is a five-legged sheep. He (she) must combine an unusual list of skills and life experiences. Among which:

  • In-depth and mature experience in professionally helping others, preferably in a clinical or therapeutic context, forged in the real world of human suffering.
  • A unique knowledge of indigenous contexts, and the problems inherent in the transmission and appropriation of traditional knowledge.
  • A field experience, in lands far from the noise of cities, very often threatened by modern and industrial life and where shamans and curanderos take care of their communities.
  • The fierce desire to learn and open up to truly unique educational methods so far removed from so-called “modern” educational systems
  • A sensitivity ‘on edge’, which establishes a new kind of human relationship where the person feels supported and secure
  • An ability to “transmit” without “teaching”
  • A mastery of subjects and the domain of the intangible, this invisible part of our reality, which influences us deeply.
  • A predilection for the sacred and the ceremonial
  • And among so many other subtil skills, a real desire to share with and guide others.