I joined Frederic for three huachuma ceremonies recently and had an excellent experience. The spirit rivers team went above and beyond with food, accommodation and hospitality. Everything was fantastic.

I would recommend this retreat for anyone interested in shamanism or personal growth with a trustworthy facilitator.

Some things I particularly enjoyed was the food! I was worried about being vegan for a week but blown away with chefs ability to cook different delicious, nutritious, gluten free vegan meals every day with healthy snacks in between. Even when fasting there wasn’t one moment when I was hungry. Cheers Rojelio! The temezcal ceremony (on site) was the real deal and intense. And of course the Huachuma ceremonies. Frederic has such depth of knowledge that amplifies the retreat to another level. The medicine came on slow and strong. Frederic was quick to sense when one needs more medicine. Days following medicine is integration. I found this to be the most helpful part of the experience which ultimately taught me the lessons I needed.

A BIG thank you to all involved with the retreat!

Robert Clough