What can I say? This retreat, which I attended was life changing experiences! I made breakthroughs in one week that I’d been trying to accomplish in, let’s see, over 36 years! The Retreat was like heaven, and the perfect place for me to do my work. Beautiful serene surroundings, fantastic pool area, and the food!   And I am SO glad that I attended the “A Portal to Awakening Huachuma Intensive Retreat”! Frederic is a truly spiritual master at the art of conducting Huachuma ceremonies.  Frederic, is empathic, and knowledgeable, and conducts every aspect of the ceremony with a sort of quiet ‘power’ that I’m at a loss to explain. The combination of these two spiritual beings make for the perfect setting to work with this unique plant medicine! Needless to say, I’ll be coming back to work more and more with these wonderful people, and these healing plant medicines! AHO!