Where do I even start? Attending this retreat was truly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. First of all, I appreciate Frédéric’s deep respect for his teachers within the indigenous cultures who have shared their wisdom with us and am inspired by the way he honors them. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and wise, he is also incredibly compassionate and a delight to converse with. He also always made sure that each person felt safe during the retreat, and created a beautiful space for the group to feel supported. During the retreat, I had the pleasure of witnessing a massive transformation in each participant, including myself. For the 11 days that I was there, I felt like I was home and that I had found a new family. In addition to the radical changes I felt from the healing benefits of the plant medicine, I could also feel my body responding to the delicious meals that were another form of medicine. The incredibly talented chef, Rogelio, channeled Love through his hands into each plant-based meal he prepared for the guests and contributed to the feeling of being supported throughout the deep personal growth we were all experiencing. Lastly, I want to acknowledge the sacredness of the land on which the retreat was held. Frédéric had clearly made a special bond with the space, with the spirits of the land, and with the people living on it, which all were components of the creation of a harmonious, healing experience for all who have the privilege of participating. All I have left to say is thank you. Thank you Grandfather Huachuma. Thank you Pachamama. Thank you Frédéric, Rogelio, and all of the beautiful beings in my new family. I love you all so much. ?