It was my first time trying ancient plant medicines and I am glad that I did! Frederic was an amazing facilitator. He definitely cares for each participant. Nice thing was he was very accessible if you have any questions or want to talk about your experiences. The venue in San Diego was perfect and welcoming as well. It was plenty of fresh air and places to walk on the ranch. The owner of the retreat Ranch was very welcoming and had an amazing staff and chefs making our vegetarian meals that were outrageously delicious!I brought along three friends and we will be returning.
I learn so much by attending all the different plant ceremonies and partaking in all of them made me see how they all work together. The music in the ceremonies was well chosen and the other participants were very loving as you were going through some emotional experiences and they would provide loving support and lots of affection. This is just what I needed. I have been in poor health for about three years and the last day of this retreat I had a major healing! My depression was shed and so is my shoulder pain. Normally I couldn’t hold myself up and support myself on my right shoulder, but by the end of the last retreat I was able to do some yoga moves with no problem. I supported myself doing downward dog and plank position for the first time in three years! Just a year ago I probably wouldn’t have been open to this but Western medicine has failed me. I started turning to alternative methods of healing and boy, I’m glad I did! Thank you, Frederic for bringing this wonderful spiritual program that is so thoughtfully planned and executed. I am forever grateful and forever changed. 💯🙏❤️ ~ Debra Elton

Debra Elton