After a year and a half of caretaker burn out for 4 family members plus COVID-19 impositions, this was my treat to myself. There is no all inclusive resort on the beach anywhere in the planet which could have restored me on every level more than this plant spirit medicine has done.

There are no words to describe the heights, the depths and the breatdth of awe, inspiration as nurturing that I received from this intensive experience.

Frederic holds a masterful space for deep personal growth & healing and creates a very safe & non-imposing space to travel into the multiple planes that plant medicine avails to both the individual and the collective.

Besides Frederic’s attentive guidance & support and the medicines themselves, the exquisite gourmet vegan food made by Rojelio and his staff with delectable love and the sacred, cozy grounds and the family like tribe that forms so naturally by design all contributed to create this rich tapestry that wove into my body, mind & heart magic, healing & profound gratitude.


Chezspri Fischer