I came to Frederic, wounded and broken. I lost my husband 5 months prior, and had no idea where to go from there. I am a registered nurse, my background is Western Medicine and it does not treat a broken spirit. The retreat venue is beautiful beyond words and I immediately felt safe and like family. Oh the food!! Delicious!! The ceremonies were amazing, I dug so deep into my subconscious and found trauma that I had completely forgotten about. Integration brought it all together. The other retreat goers were so welcoming and kind. We all left as family, all experiencing life-altering events. This medicine exceeded my expectations and put me on the path to healing. I cannot say enough good things about Frederic. He is authentic and wise. I watched him, watched him work so closely with each of us with passion and sincerity.
I am ready to celebrate the life of my husband and the gift of our time together. We all have wandered so far from nature and Mother Earth but she is always ready to welcome us back. I am immensely glad that I followed the call. I can’t wait for my next retreat!

Shannon N.