There is nothing like the feeling of being completely safe to heal! That is exactly what I have felt in the two times that I trusted Frédéric and Ro to guide me through plant medicine. Healing is not always pretty but some how they manage to hold the most gorgeous, strong and vulnerable space to let it all unfold.
Tenderness is at the forefront of the work that these men do. And they both know that the best healer and teacher there is is the one inside each and every one of us. They hold space for people to heal themselves. They toe the line between being completely available to help and hanging back to allow you to have your own experience with the medicine and yourself. They honor and cherish each soul that chooses to journey.
The music the plays all the way through the days of journeying feels like the most perfect backdrop and adds so much to the experience. Sometimes you hear it and sometimes it just becomes such a deep part of your experience that you forget that it’s there. But it’s always on purpose and carefully curated in the moment by Frédéric.
Words are truly inadequate to explain what a journey feels like with them and with the people that show up in their space but I hope my testimonial has helped shed a bit of light on what you might experience if you choose to journey with Frédéric and Ro.