Looking at childhood trauma and even divorce trauma from a spiritual perspective showed me that each of these events were initiations into my souls heroes journey. From the shadows I’ve built tools of light that can help the world. Like pulling the sword from the stone, revealing Excalibur.

Every metaphorical fall from grace is an opportunity to journey through the reaches of creation back to our divine origins, richer than before. Now that I can see that, my level of guilt, shame, anger and confusion have dropped 80%, freeing up valuable space for new potentials in my life and the ability to appreciate darker moments as new future gifts and mirrors of continued healing.

Frédéric is the real deal. I went into this with a critical watchful eye because I have experienced “lifestyle” shamans peddling powers they don’t understand without integrity. Frédéric held space with excellence and was a valuable mirror to look deeper.

Ben Peterson