My experience with  Frederick has been incredible amazing. The ceremony is set up in the most beautiful jungle of Cancun in an open lodge with bonfire and pool, Which makes it very special as well the most delicious food and heavenly accommodation. Fredericks drumming is just magic in my ears and remembering gives me straight away goose bumps! He is holding beautiful space during ceremony, very helpful, guiding and liberating during processes.

I felt so grounded and trusting by their presence which allowed me to go deep. I remember waking up and magically seeing the world trough different eyes: The eyes of my heart, which I lost connection for so many years. Me, speechless and deeply grateful after ceremony, Sharon whispering in my ears: ,,Now you remember…” I believe, we’re all on our personal journey and this medicine helps you connect to the real essence of life and to finding yourself, to heal yourself and to transform, to enjoy the real gifts, love, joy and peace from within you. ♥️✨?

Even now, time after the retreat, integrating my experience into reality, I enjoy their powerful presence and help and particularly being part of a wonderful new family of plant medicine spirits!

Ramona Kl.