I have been practicing Shamanism for a few years now, with drum circles, moon ceremonies, Red Tents, shamanic journeying etc… on a regular basis. To further and deepen my learning and exploration of that belief system, I was called to engage with plant medicine: Ayahuasca a few years back and Huachuma in March 2021… which literarily feel on my path at the right time and the right place: just the way it should be.
First, the amenities were fabulous: the jungle compound is meticulously designed with beauty, craftsmanship, private cenotes, high comfort (beautiful huts and great beddings) and convenience (hot showers and strong internet).
Then the staff is fully committed and caring: Rogelio regaled us with his mastery of vegan cooking, consciously prepared with Mantras and Love, brewing healthy juices and offering his dishes according to our scheduled ceremonies and needs. The perfect detox and healing nourishment!
Frederic is a master of ceremonies, humble and personable, sharing his knowledge and wisdom, gathering our guides and Pachamama, guiding us safely into each journey with powerful and revealing insights helping us integrating our personal Initiations and revelations. Furthermore, Frederic taught us a few additional practices I am now using like the Earth Mandala.
As a woman, I was exceptionally imprinted and revealed during the Temazcal session, lead and invigorated by the powerful and playful Auli .
Finally, what to say about the Teacher plant itself? Everyone has their own journey: for me it was what exactly what I needed… not what I wanted 🙂 I particularly appreciated the combo and complementary Day and a Lunar sessions. Different focus, different intentions, different teachings.

Do not be afraid, Huachuma is a gentle and loving teacher, and hopefully when she calls, you’ll be ready for her blessings. Spirit Rivers and Frederic offer perfect surroundings, container and guidance for the experience.