Being a complete novice in the plant medicine world I acted on the encouragement from a friend who has much experience in this, and attended a SpiritRiver retreat. My intention was to gain a glimmer of perspective for worthwhile endeavors for the 8th decade of my life on this earth.
Every step of this experience was supported by extremely professional, competent and loving people. The warm, caring and loving community that formed between all involved was heartwarming to the max. What I experienced with this group was what I’ve always dreamed community could feel and be like, but had been left with disappointment in group settings. This experience gives me hope for our world.
The plant medicines opened my heart to love. It changed me in ways I treasure and enjoy everyday now. And, I gained much more than a glimmer for worthwhile endeavors for my future!
The plant medicines plus the love and wisdom that Frederic, Ro, Paragon, Brenda (and (and the whole crew putting on this retreat) brought to each person allowed us all to address the challenges we were dealing with. Experiencing this was impressive. They are so kind, strong in a gentle way. I learned so much being around them and watching them work. They are experts at what they do. It was a pleasure to witness and experience.
I will integrate into life what I’ve learned and be back for more.

Alison Bradley