I have done plant medicine in the past and this was one of the most eye opening experiences of my life. The venue was beautiful, the rooms were very nice, and everything else about lodging was excellent! The food was amazing and I loved the self serving aspect of it because I could take as much or as little as I wanted. There was great variety too. The accommodations were very good and I always felt taken care of!  Frédéric was an amazing leader in this retreat and facilitated so much of my healing process by creating a safe space to heal, grow, and become a better me. I am so grateful! The ceremonies were very good and it was so easy to focus on connecting with myself and my intentions.

I did the no sugar or alcohol a week prior to the retreat as recommended but I think it should also be recommended to prepare drinking at least 2 liters (or whatever Frédéric recommends) per day to get hydrated and used to drinking that much. I hadn’t done that and got dehydrated really fast and felt slightly flu-ish for a day.  I loved the live music and instruments used! There where times toward the end of the ceremonies that I would wonder when the ceremony was over or how much time do I have to sit with this idea I was having and when there was music, that element seemed to go away and I could focus better so the more music the better!

Overall I had an amazing time and it has been a highlight of the journey I am on! I would highly recommend this retreat for people who are ready for a real change.