Partly through this retreat, I realized I had a lot more issues to work on/personal growth to do than I thought before coming. Skillfully, Frederic helped me uncover certain things and make tangible progress in such a humble and gentle way. He TRULY cares about us “hitchhikers” (sorry – inside joke) who he serves. He’s also incredibly knowledgeable about all things related to shamanism/plant medicine from decades of study. I really appreciated him taking the time to have deep conversations about these topics during meals and other “downtime”. Huachuma is an incredible teacher and I highly recommend anyone interested in personal growth and reconnecting with nature give it a try.

The retreat venue in the Mexican jungle was absolutely beautiful – my only complaint being the somewhat constant noise of airplanes landing at the nearby Cancun airport. To be fair, this didn’t really bother me while on the medicine – moreso during the integration sessions. The music was wonderful, I only wish it was featured more prominently and played longer. I would have appreciated the chance to sleep in longer the morning before the all-night session, as I was fighting sleep that night which was difficult (sadly, I’m terrible at napping).

Overall though, this was an amazing experience that I felt privileged to take part in and I highly recommend it to basically anyone!

Tyler K