Frederic is a master healer, and exceptionally skilled and intuitive. I was profoundly impressed as I both observed his shamanic healing interventions with other participants and experienced his interventions when I needed support.

Rogelio is a master chef, who created delicious vegan meals. He skillfully provided the appropriate food, according to what was needed before and after ceremonies.

The room was large, and very comfortable and clean. The venue was basic and beautiful, has two cenotes, a temascal, a beautiful chorus of bird song, and a loving and gentle dog.

The music was an amazing variety of soothing and triggering songs. Some songs were very soothing, and other songs triggered memories and emotional release.

I’m deeply grateful for the entire experience, everyone’s support, and the delicious meals. I’m grateful for the profound and intense releases that I experienced, and the subsequent clarity, learning, and growth.