Soul loss & the reluctance to wholeness

Written by Frédéric Cherri

Therapist, shaman, teacher, coach. Frédéric is a long serving clinician & tutor of Craniosacral Therapy, retreat & workshop leader, ceremonialist and speaker. He also runs an online personal practice for deep transformation. He is available for private consultations.

In this post I’d like to explore the impact of our birth experience at the level of the soul.

Indigenous cultures & ancestral knowledge understand that traumatic experiences, when they are serious enough, can result in the fragmentation of our inner vital essence or ‘soul’, the Breath of Life in the Craniosacral context.

These traumatised soul aspects dissociate, resulting in a phenomenon known as ‘Soul Loss’.

Soul Loss is endemic in modern Western societies, often resulting from unresolved prenatal or birth trauma. The western reluctance to consider prenates and babies as sentient beings who experience these formative events means that most of us did not feel supported in our journeys to be here. And it leads to a deep sense of aloneness, and a reluctance to bring all of ourselves into the world.

Soul Loss manifests in a number of ways including a sense of being incomplete or disconnected, depression, emotional numbness, low energy, lack of self-worth, not knowing who we really are and deep grief and/or rage that seems to have no obvious cause.

The transition from spiritual source to embodied self that we all traverse at birth is made of specific steps that have special significance. These steps have been known by indigenous cultures through the evolution of humanity.

It has been such a pleasure for me to discover and decode their exquisite ways of nurturing the fragmented soul back to the whole and to learn how to bring them into a modern context.

I have loved preparing my upcoming training in Bali, ‘The Courage to Heal’. Why? Because it combines both passions of mine – one gained through 25 years of clinical experience in the cranial field and the second through my years of exploring shamanistic wisdom.

Participants are supported to identify and integrate aspects of their deep nature that they were forced to abandon very early in life. This process is offered with an emphasis on safety and containment.

Once experienced, it is also the rite of passage needed to support others in their own integration.

The related topics discussed in this upcoming training are:

*The Soul Language
*Divine Yearning & Homesickness
*Resisting Embodiment versus the Drive of Life
*Twin Loss… and many other aspects of the relationship between prenatal experience and birth

I hope this post has contributed in deepening your understanding of this topic.


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