Shamanic Craniosacral: Soul Retrieval

Written by Frédéric Cherri

Therapist, shaman, teacher, coach. Frédéric is a long serving clinician & tutor of Craniosacral Therapy, retreat & workshop leader, ceremonialist and speaker. He also runs an online personal practice for deep transformation. He is available for private consultations.


In a Craniosacral-shamanic session, a soul retrieval can mend disturbances rooted in physical, mental, psychological and emotional or spiritual trauma. It can also alleviates and clear mental, energetic or cognitive and beliefs patterns blocking a person’s evolution and growth. The fusion of both methodologies enhances and magnifies results, scope of treatment and speed of integration.



From a shamanic perspective, the most common root of disturbance in our health is a process that leads to a ‘separation’. A fragment of the soul or spirit separates and parts from the whole. This separation called ‘soul loss’ results in dissociation or disconnection in very vast areas of our lives. We can all relate to the isolating characteristics of anxiety, depression, addictive disorders, chronic or even mental illnesses. A soul loss can also take us into further disconnection from community, nature and even Spirit.


A trauma, what we know as ‘overwhelming shock’ can bring an aspect of the soul soul to separate from the whole and move out on the edge of our own time line, to become ’stuck in time’. Life keeps on but the separated soul part remains in this void and does not mature with the whole person. A soul fragmentation is mostly due to trauma, any type of trauma, and can result in a variety of pain, addictions, depression, dysfunction or chronic diseases.

Soul Retrieval

A soul retrieval is the process by which a shaman enters the ‘world of the intangible’, where neither time nor space apply, in non-ordinary reality, to return the fragmented parts of the soul of a person to their whole psychic making.
Common to  all traditional shamanic approaches, the shaman  will journey to the world of spirits to enlist the guidance and help of compassionate spirits. She/he will negotiate a return of the soul fragment. Once the process is completed the shaman comes back to ordinary reality and shares the soul part with the person, through an specific energetic process of re-entry into the body, top of the head or other appropriate organ if needed.


I have found in my own practice that it is more effective to guide and assist a client to retrieve their own parts. They will find that a direct contribution to the process also brings a clear sense of empowerment. In turn, the resolution may be deeper and faster. In turn… However, for people very depleted or physically, emotionally or psychologically impaired it is also common for a shaman to undergo the full process for the person.

Craniosacral & Shamanism

Ancestral shamanic medicines of the world, Vedic, Egyptian, Siberian, Chinese, Tibetan and many others have informed one another for thousands of years, as if they all tapped into the same pool of universal helping wisdom. Craniosacral Therapy and it’s subtle yet powerful treatment is another impressive and magnificent energetic point of entry into a Shamanic process. The overlaps and criss-crossings of the two approaches are profound, intricate and for a practitioner trained in both methodologies, each enhances and magnifies the other.

Craniosacral principles
are also found in many
current and dormant
ancestral medicines.
It is a lot more ancient
than it is thought to be.

The outcomes of a soul retrieval with such a treatment are usually  deeper results and faster integration into the life of the person. In a shamanic Craniosacral context, the body and it’s energetic imbalances, in and outside of the body, show up with deeper clarity when the shaman is journeying and the specific Craniosacral processes are more deeply and readily activated.



To be continued…


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