Plant Medicine Retreat Agreement & Terms & Conditions

Since the inception of the SpiritRivers Retreat Programs, we have found that there is a need to create clear rules and guidelines for our guests. The following Terms and Conditions have been designed as a result of our practical experience, and serve to prepare our guests for a positive and safe experience in ceremony and in a workshop as a whole.

Plant Preparation:

The Huachuma used during our retreat Programs is a decoction of the San Pedro Cactus (Trichocereus Pachanoi). We do not use any other plants in our Huachuma decoction. For Ayahuasca, the preparations are made by traditional shamans from the leaves of the Psychotria viridis shrub along with the stalks of the Banisteriopsis caapi vine. The healers and facilitators administering plant medicine will use their discretion to adjust the dose for each participant.

The effects of plant (Huachuma, Ayahuasca, Cacao, Rapeh) or earth medicine (Bufo Alvarius) may include temporary changes in your perception of reality and way of thinking, visions (of abstract motifs or clearly identifiable images and scenarios), heightened negative and positive emotions, access to detailed memories that you had forgotten, paranormal phenomena, the emergence of fears or difficult emotions (some of which may be associated with blockages in the body causing pain and tension), introspection, and perinatal or transpersonal experiences (in which you may experience your own death and rebirth).

On a physical level, you may experience nausea, vomiting, chills, tingling, dizziness, diarrhea, tremors, sweating or loss of balance. Sometimes, especially if you have not partaken before, you may not notice any visionary effects. If that happens, it does not mean that the eart medicine is not having an effect on other levels.

The  ceremonial undertaking of ancestral medicine is not linear, but rather it may pass through different phases, some more pleasant, even euphoric, and others more challenging. Huachuma works to integrate unresolved aspects from the past that have arisen typically from trauma, emotional loss, neglect, abuse, and general emotional and psychological difficulties.

During and after ceremonies it is not uncommon to experience emotional, psychological, and physical discomforts, which are typically symptoms of the healing process as Huachuma helps you to integrate issues from the past that have been trapped in your system.

The healers and facilitators are committed to protecting your physical and emotional security, integrity, and privacy throughout the process, and intend to provide you with the psychological and physical support you need during the preparation phase, the ceremonies themselves, and the period afterwards. We have an emergency protocol and commit to provide any necessary support should the need arise.

Your participation in the ceremonies is entirely voluntary and you are free to opt out, if you wish, before the start of the ceremony. However, you must follow the instructions of the facilitators and healers at all times so that your safety is not jeopardized.

The healers and facilitators may, at any time, decide to exclude you from participation in a ceremony for any perceived impairment in your physical or psychological health that risks leading to problems for you during the ceremony, or if you do not meet the requirements for participation for any other reason.

Working with Plant medicine is not a substitute for medical, psychiatric, or psychotherapeutic treatment, but may complement a therapeutic process and facilitate personal development. If you are currently receiving treatment of any kind or taking any medication, you must provide the full details of your situation prior to booking a workshop.

If you agree to participate in a retreat with SpiritRivers, you will be required to complete a medical form and questionnaire. You must answer all questions honestly and disclose any relevant personal information about your health.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you also agree to the following Declaration, wherein “I” refers to “You”, the participant in the retreat.

You will be required to sign a copy of the following Declaration and Terms and Conditions upon arrival at any SpiritRivers Retreat.


❖ I am aware that participation in a plant medicine retreat with SpiritRivers involves the use of various ancestral medicinal plants, which are traditionally used in Central or Sout Americas for shamanic healing.

❖ I understand that taking these plants may involve emotional, psychological, and physical reactions, and I agree to take part and abide by the Terms and Conditions in this document and any other instructions given orally or in writing.

❖ I declare that I am choosing to participate of my own free will and have not been coerced into participating in a workshop by the Organisers or by any other person. The decision to participate is mine alone, and is based on my own personal assessment of the effects, the exclusion criteria, the potential risks and benefits, the focus of the ceremonies, and the team at the SpiritRivers Huachuma Retreat.

❖ The SpiritRivers Retreat organisers have explained to me what to expect from the workshop and how it is intended to proceed. I am aware that I can ask questions about the ceremonies at any time and can change my mind about attending at any time before the ceremonies begin.

❖ I agree to answer all questions honestly during the screening process, and understand that I must complete all medical questionnaires and respond to all follow up questions in order to participate in a workshop. I agree to provide all relevant information regarding my medical history, mental and physical health, and any other information that may serve to protect my health during this process.

❖ I have made the confidential disclosures requested by the Organiser and these are honest and accurate regarding my needs and condition(s). I understand that these will be kept in the strictest confidence. I reiterate my understanding of this by signing this form.

❖ I accept full responsibility for participating in a workshop and in ceremonies at the SpiritRivers Huachuma Retreat.

❖ I understand and agree that I can be excluded from participation in a workshop or ceremony at the discretion of the facilitator.

Terms and Conditions

This agreement is between SpiritRivers (the Organiser) and You (the Participant).

By booking a Workshop with SpiritRivers you agree to all of the following items listed:

  1. The Participant agrees to take part in medicinal plant ceremonies with the Organiser, has been advised that Huachuma, Ayahusaca or Bufo Alvarius are a visionary eart medicine, and is clear on the meaning of this.
  2. The Organiser will do their utmost to ensure the safety and comfort of the Participant within the remit of the retreat. The Participant, in turn, agrees to exercise caution and consideration for themselves and for others during this event, and indemnifies the Organiser against claims for injury or loss.
  3. The Participant agrees to respect all individuals at all times. Overt negativity or disruptive negativity detracts from the experience of the others.
  4. The Organiser reserves the right to expel any individual who is acting in an excessively negative manner or disrupting the group, staff, and/or shamans, without prior notice, responsibility for a refund, or providing accommodation outside of the SpiritRivers venue.
  5. If a Participant’s behavior presents a threat to the safety of themselves or others, the Organiser reserves the right to physically restrain the Participant and/or expel them from the retreat without prior notice, responsibility for a refund, or providing accommodation outside of the SpiritRivers venue. Restraint will be conducted as gently as possible and with respect for the dignity of the Participant.
  6. Sexual activity between Participants and/or staff is prohibited. This includes married couples. Should a Participant develop a sexual or romantic interest in another person, any sexual contact/activity must be delayed for one week after the last ceremony. As a reminder, we are not attempting to create a moral or philosophical boundary but preventing the potentially dangerous crossing of energetic fields, which can result from sexual behavior while engaged in Huachuma ceremonies. The Participant agrees to maintain sexual abstinence for one week before the first and one week after the last ceremony.
  7. The Participant, prior to entry into this Agreement, agrees to obtain health or medical advice as to the effect of plants singly and in combination with any medication they are taking.
  8. The Participant agrees that they are in a physical and mental condition appropriate to the activities described in this workshop and agrees to participate at their own risk. The responsibility for taking accurate and timely health precautions and professional medical advice is with the Participant.
  9. The Participant agrees to full disclosure with the Organiser, in writing, regarding their health history, medical conditions, and any medications they are taking, prior to booking.
  10. The Participant agrees to notify the Organiser of any change in their medical circumstances and understands that withholding medical information could be hazardous to their health.
  11. The Organiser is not responsible for the personal decision of any guest to stop taking medication or change their medication schedule, and accepts no liability for any adverse effects from withdrawal from any medication.
  12. The Participant confirms that they have not been diagnosed with any psychotic disorder, including schizophrenia, schizophreniform, schizoaffective, delusional, or bi-polar disorder.
  13. The Participant understands and agrees to adhere strictly to the required diet, drug, and pharmacological restrictions required by SpiritRivers for at least one weeks prior to the first ceremony and for at least two weeks following the last ceremony. The three most fundamental restrictions are street drugs (cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, etc.), sexual activity, and pork.
  14. If the Participant does not adhere to these Terms and Conditions as well as all restrictions required by SpiritRivers, the Organiser will not be held liable for any possible consequences, and reserves the right to expel the Participant without prior notice, responsibility for a refund, or providing accommodation outside of the SpiritRivers venue.
  15. If the Participant is found to possess prescription drugs that have not been approved by the Organiser prior to their arrival, street drugs, or alcohol, the Organiser reserves the right to deny them entry to the venue and/or the retreat or expel them from the retreat without prior notice, responsibility for a refund, or providing accommodation outside of the retreat venue.
  16. The Organiser is not liable for the injury of any Participant that may occur during or after the retreat. By participating in a retreat at the SpiritRivers venue and accepting this Agreement, the Participant expresses full understanding of and responsibility for the risks that they may encounter during a retreat. The Participant absolves SpiritRivers, its owners, and employees of said responsibility. Any legal action taken against SpiritRivers will only take place in Mexico under Mexican Law.
  17. In the case of a medical emergency during a retreat, such as an intestinal infection, high fever, broken or damaged bones, snake or spider bite, etc., the Participant will be accompanied by a SpiritRivers representative to a medical facility in Cancun for treatment.
  18. The Organiser reserves the right to expel any guest without prior notice, responsibility for a refund, or providing accommodation outside of the venue.
  19. The workshop balance must be paid in full prior to the start of the workshop to guarantee a reservation. It can be paid in cash on arrival at the Retreat venue if not paid by other means prior to arrival. The deposit must be made with a credit card. Other options of payment for the deposit i.e. by bank transfer can be arranged upon request.
  20. Once a registration is approved, retreat payments are non-refundable. The terms and policies for the conditions of refund and cancellations are fully outlined here.
  21. Any refund will be credited back to the original payment method.
  22. Should the Participant decide to cancel their reservation more than 8 weeks prior to the start of the retreat, the Participant may transfer to a similar program or transfer their payment to personal credit to be used for a future similar program in the next 12 months.
  23. Should the Participant decide to cancel their reservation within 8 weeks of the start of the workshop, the Participant may transfer to a similar program or transfer their payment to personal credit to be used for a future program in the next 12 months if we can fill their place in the workshop. The Organiser will try their best to do so.
  24. Should a Participant decide to leave a workshop prematurely, for any reason, the Organiser is not responsible for the reimbursement of monies or for denouncements by the attendee.
  25. The facilitators, shamans or healers in SpiritRivers Retreats function as spiritual guides and teachers. We offer ceremonies for the purpose of spiritual communion. In order to operate retreats at our retreat venues in accordance with Mexican Law, we require that you also understand and agree to the following:

Mexican Law concerning the illegal practice of Medicine:

Será reprimido con pena privativa de libertad no menor de un año ni mayor de cuatro años, el que simulando calidad de médico u otra profesión de las ciencias médicas, que sin tener título profesional, realiza cualquiera de las acciones siguientes:

    1. Anuncia, emite diagnósticos, prescribe, administra o aplica cualquier medio supuestamente destinado al cuidado de la salud, aunque obre de modo gratuito.
    2. Expide dictámenes o informes destinados a sustentar el diagnóstico, la prescripción o la administración a que se refiere el inciso

(English): Any person simulating a doctor or health care professional without a professional title will be punished with incarceration no less than one year and no more than four years for realizing any of the following actions:

    1.  Advice, diagnosis, prescription, or administering or applying any means destined as health care, even if it is offered without charge.
    2. Offering tests or information designed to support the diagnosis, prescription, or administration in reference to number 1.

A SpiritRivers Retreat is organised at a venue which is not a medical facility and no health care is practiced under its direction. Its owners and employees are not health care professionals and do not practice health care of any form. We do not offer:

  1. Advice, diagnosis, prescription, or administer or apply any means destined as health care, even if it is offered without charge.
  2. Tests or information designed to support a diagnosis, prescription, or administration in reference to number 1.

We have made every effort to accurately represent the Retreats, Programs and workshops and their potential. The testimonials and examples used are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on many factors, including his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. By signing below, you also acknowledge that payment of your Program membership fees will not place a significant financial burden on you, your business or your family.


Updated: 07 October 2020