San Pedro Circles

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SAN PEDRO CIRCLES-  A Huachuma Intensive Retreat in Cancun, Mexico.

This non-refundable payment secures your place for "SAN PEDRO CIRCLES" — A Huachuma Intensive retreat in Cancun, Mexico. The remaining balance depends on your dates option and will be paid on arrival.

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1 x San Pedro (Day ceremony)- Andean brew
1 x San Pedro (Night ceremony)
1 x Bufo Alvarius – Mexican Toad
1 x Kambo Cleanse – Brazilian Tree frog
1 x Temazcal – Mexican Sweat lodge
Rapéh – Shamanic snuff,

**The participant may elicit to undertake all or only selected ceremonies. **
All inclusive,  Preparation, Integration, Shamanic Processes, Accomodation, Meals & Airport shuttles

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28-31 Jan, 25-28 Feb, 20-23 Mar, 9-12 Apr, 7-10 May