Preparations for Ceremonies


Welcome to the SpiritRivers family !
We are honoured you heard the call to partake in a celebration and ceremony for life, and to journey within the multiverses huddled within us, waiting to be revealed. Find below some advice on preparing for attending any of our ceremonies.

Please note the information below is intended only for people joining single ceremonies in Mexico. During those open ceremonies there is no time allocated for either preparation or integration. Post ceremony, an integration session can be organised directly with Frédéric Cherri. Contact him on Whatsapp +52 9983542178 or by email at

Dieta: mental, physical, emotional & energetical preparation & care

As we commune with the Sacred Plant & Earth Spirits through these unique ceremonies, it is important to join at your optimum energetic level. We care for this by following a special cleanse of our physical, mental, emotional and energetic body prior to participating in ceremony.

The diet should be followed for at least a week to a minimum of 5 days prior to the event. The longer you are able to maintain this diet and prepare yourself, the better.

1. Identify your specific intention for this work:

The most valuable aspect of entering a ceremony is to have thought and articulated a clear intention genuine and full-hearted from your heart. Why are you seeking to heal, transform or grow through this experience? What are you ready or wanting to learn, to heal, or discover? Spend time reflecting with these subjects, and keep them your awareness.
The best way to articulate your intention is instead of asking: “what do I want out of this?” ask yourself the question: “Which part of myself am I ready, willing and able to heal today? Which part of my life am I determined to resolve, transform and to heal?  and most importantly “what are the blocks in my way of healing [——] replace with the nature of what you are dealing with”.

Come to this exercise with vulnerability authenticity and an open heart. Feel it, don’t think it.

A radically different approach and much more beneficial.
If in doubt use Rumi’a approach to your personal situation:

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it, and embrace them

2. Energetic Care 

Leading up to the ceremony, pay attention to the energetics surrounding your life. The goal is to maintain as much as possible the vibration of care and kindness, a peaceful intent peaceful vibration with you at all times. Avoid conflictual conversations, negative/violent movies or programs etc, and anything that contaminates your thoughts.

During the diet, try to find stillness each day (5-15 min) to be alone, take deep breaths and feel your body, this is a good time to bring your intention forward again.
Remember that during a Plant Spirit ceremony you’ll connect with the divinity that dwells within you. So take the time to honour and care for yourself!

The above is amongst the best ways to not being affected by any intrusive energies. You will also dive deeper into this unique relationship with the medicine, with much more benefits and a peaceful and clear outcome

3. Food & Meals

Working with plant medicine requires a particular attention to what you are ingesting. Some plants are more demanding than others.
Although San Pedro is a lot more lenient than Ayahuasca for example, here is a good rule of thumb: completely abstain from the following: red meat, dairy, seafood, alcohol, Marijuana, caffeine, processed/junk foods, fried foods, sugary foods, heavily spiced foods, spicy/hot foods, and soft drinks.
Eat lots of vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts, cereals (rice, corn, quinoa etc) and drink plenty of water, and herbal teas. Some fish/chicken consumption is okay, (its best if organic) but it is best to go vegan for at least 3 days before ceremony.

***Regarding Marijuana intake – We recognise that Marijuana is a healing spirit, and offers many benefits and healing properties. Even so, it is important that it is refrained from, as it is a plant that energetically does not mix well with any medicine. When used frequently, Marijuana can have the effect of clouding our psychic channel whereas our medicines work in the opposite way, clearing out our psychic channel and connecting us to the divinity of all of creation. If marijuana is consumed in close proximity to drinking medicine, it is much more difficult for the medicine to enter, and can require a lot of cleansing (purging) on your part.

On the day of ceremony and for a
DAY ceremony, only have juices and liquids in the morning. Do not ingest anything solid.
NIGHT Ceremony: Have a good breakfast but stop eating at 11am. If needed, you can snack on non acidic fruit if you feel hungry, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. It is important that during the ceremony you don’t feel weak from not eating.

4.  Sexual activity

Traditionally, a dieta invites sexual activity avoidance. This is very important. When we connect sexually, we open ourselves up to our partner’s energies, what is happening in their life at the moment, what they are dealing with, conflicted by or trying to resolve. Ceremony is a sacred time for yourself only and should be treated as such. Honouring the medicine and the process in this way will impact on your experience positively.
Two or three days after ceremony is a good time to return to sexual activity.

5. Medication and medical, psychological conditions

Certain conditions and/or medications are unsafe to mix with the medicine. Again some medicines are a lot more lenient than others. San Pedro is one of these medicines that is mostly safe to use however it is crucial that you mention any drug, medication current intake or physical or psychological issues you may have with your facilitator.
Please do so at ANY STAGE PRIOR to a ceremony.

With any doubt,contact us directly to discuss further.
-Medications with SSRIs, MAOIs or antidepressants.
-Recent Surgeries
-Heart and blood pressure medications -Epilepsy
-Psychiatric issues of any type
-Women in their first trimester of pregnancy
* If you have any disease or take any medications not listed here, please consult with us directly before participating.

6- What to bring to a ceremony
  • Water bottle to keep with you through the event !!!! VITAL ITEM
  • Sleeping Bag, blanket, pillow, yoga mat if you have
  • Fruits or a healthy food item to share as we will have a time to connect and share our experiences together at the end of the ceremony.
  • Kleenex or toilet paper to keep with you
  • Swimming attire, we often have access to the sea or a swimming pool.


7- During Ceremony
  • turn off cell phones, alarms, and any other electronic devices. it is not permitted in any moment during ceremony to use phones or electronic devices.

  • maintain silence as much as possible, as to not distract or interfere in the process of anyone else in ceremony. This is very important.

  • do not intervene in the process of another person. There is no talking or touching another person allowed throughout the experience.

  • Stay in the ceremony space. Your safety and well-being is our utmost concern. It is important that you stay inside the space for the duration of the ceremony. It is permitted to step outside for a few moments to get some fresh air, but we ask that you return to your space within 5/10 minutes.

7- After Ceremony

As you have now understood a ceremony doesn’t begin or end the day of taking medicine. The ceremony begins at the moment in which you make the intention to participate and the process energetically closes about 3 days after the medicine is taken. This is why it is necessary to maintain the same diet, for at least three days after. The ceremony is like an energetic journey out of time and space and as such deserves a period of rest and recuperation.

After the closing of the ceremony, we will share snacks, fruit, healthy food and a group breakfast. Departure in your own time in the morning.

If you have any other further questions, or if you’d like to speak to me personally, feel free to email me, Frédéric Cherri, directly at or contact me on the phone at +52 9983542178
I will be your facilitator for this journey. Find a bit about myself below.
I Am deeply honoured and grateful for your trust and participation, and am looking forward to connecting very soon!


8- About your guide

Frédéric Cherri, Therapist, shaman, teacher, coach
People call me a shaman. Although I’m very comfortable with the title, I’m mostly a shamanic practitioner and a therapist of 30yrs practice and tutoring in the natural health field, an entrepreneur, a retreat leader, a program teacher and a personal coach.

Years of study and practice as well as continuous field-research in the Amazon have led me to believe we can heal anything. Shamanic work, and one of it’s mysterious and exciting aspects, the realm of plant medicine, brings many answers to the unresolved issues of modern medicine or psychology. I have dedicated my life to supporting others’ journey, growth and transformation.