Deepen your relationship with Ancestral Medicines


A unique experience in the Shipibo tradition

August 12-31 2024, March 05-24, 2025. Amazon Forest, Peru

A journey deep into the Amazon rainforest for both beginners and adepts,a transformative Plant Dieta, guided by true curanderos, to forge a profound connection with sacred plants, 9 Ayahuasca ceremonies, a jungle expedition, a hands-on Ayahuasca preparation and more. Join us on a powerful adventure for self-discovery and healing amid the mysteries of the Amazon.


The Ultimate Guide to:
Master Plant Dieta

A 50-Page exclusive document to help you discover the extraordinary and sacred technology of Plant Dieta, it’s impact on your medicine experience and it’s methodology.

Your next step on the journey

Embark on a transformative 20-day expedition into the heart of the Amazon rainforest, guided by esteemed Shipibo maestros in a Master Plant Dieta. This journey is a unique experience of  the transformative power of this ancient practice, led by authentic Peruvian curanderos Ayahuasqueros, who bring a wealth of knowledge honed through generations of disciplined study and connection with the plant spirits.

This remarkable experience is guided by the wisdom of the plants and the seasoned curanderos we work with. You will undergo undergo a process of revelation, and healing. This event is not merely a retreat; it’s an odyssey into the depths of your being, a communion with the unseen realms that hold the keys to profound transformation. The plants you will encounter, the rituals you will partake in, and the guidance you will receive from our maestros or our team are all integral components of a unique journey designed just for you.

It’s also a chance to do some deep and durable work, in an extraordinary Amazon forest setting. Join us for this extraordinary opportunity. Why the Amazon? It’s more than a place; it’s a living entity pulsing with energy, offering a space for profound reconnection. Delve into plant wisdom with Shipibo maestros in the Master Plant dieta:

– Deep Healing: A journey guided by experienced maestros with sacred plant medicines like Ayahuasca, Bobinsana, Marosa, Chiric Sanango, Ajo Sacha, and more, facilitating inner exploration and spiritual connection.

– Cultural Immersion: Immerse in Shipibo culture through traditional ceremonies, lectures from maestros, and discovering the spiritual artistry of Shipibo Icaros and visual art.

– Community Connection: Beyond a solitary venture, it’s a shared experience fostering bonds that extend beyond the jungle, creating a supportive community to amplify the transformative journey.

What is a Master Plant Dieta?

A master plant dieta is a complex, strict and rigorous system through which a ‘teacher‘ plant transmit healing, protection, guidance and sacred knowledge to the participant.
The dieta process is best described as an intentional spiritual fast that leads to profound, holistic transformation. It includes a dedicated period of time where a person maintains a series of dietary and behavioral restrictions while ingesting a mild remedy made from one or more medicinal plants. The foundation of a dieta is to form a bond with and learn from the plant or plants they are dieting.

Plant dietas are a foundational and advanced pillar of Amazonian plant medicine. The dieta is the primary method one undertakes in order to connect with and learn directly from plant spirits. This process, while rigorous, is deeply transformational and fundamental to working with Ayahuasca, and further, with any entheogen.

It combines Ayahuasca ceremonies with the specific traditional diet of a chosen master plant or tree. It’s goal is to first resolve deeply rooted traumas and dismantle behavioral or cognitive patterns that affect physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Secondly it’s also, a proven way to deepen dramatically your relationship and work with Ayahuasca and it’s array of additional supportive plants.   

Maestros curanderos (master healers) have traditionally used fasting, a diet of master plants and seclusion from others to seek guidance from the plant spirits and obtain the vital knowledge needed to heal themselves and others. A diet of teacher plants is also central to the shamanic medicine apprenticeship, with dietas that can last for months and sometimes years.

This unique 20Day  journey is offered with a comprehensive preparation, exploration and integration. 

What’s Included – Snapshot

This carefully crafted program creates the perfect space for you to really connect with the depths of the Shipibo tradition, in it’s natural environment. It allows you to work intimately and safely with an array of powerful sacred Plants Teachers under the supervision of reputed maestros, to undertake a traditional 20-Day Plant-Dieta with 9 Ayahuasca ceremonies.

Plus! Optional two-day immersion: experience first-hand the process or preparing Ayahuasca, from harvest to the finished brew, and led by reputed mestizo Ayahuasqueros. 


1 or 2

Master-Plant Dieta

Diagnostic & Dieta plan by a Shipibo maestro



Ayahuasca Shipibo led ceremonies, with icaros



Private accommodation, shower & toilet


Ayahuasca Cooking

From harvest to ceremony. Shipibo preparation  


Shipibo Lectures**

Maestro lectures, Icaros + other topics (translated)



Faculty lectures on Ayahuasca and plant allies


Continuous Integration and support



Van ride to and from our venue to Iquitos Centre


Vegan Meals

Vegan Dieta-specific prepared meals


Hotel Night

Arrival gathering at a stylish hotel in Iquitos



Support Team & Spanish translation

** Note: For this unique event, we will be working with a 40yr+ experienced Shipibo Maestro Ayahuasquero, Rono Lopez, very well known and reputed curandero. He comes from a long lineage which also works with Noya-Rao, a very unique master plant. Another special thing about Rono is that he has a passion to teach and is also a master at sharing his craft. He will be leading daily lectures followed by Q&A, he will also teach us the technologies of Icaros. We have also secured a Spanish translator onsite for each lecture. 


Here is a sample of our Itinerary.  It includes scheduled activities as well as ample time for rest and connecting with the master plants. As always, you can also adapt any part of the schedule to fit your need or pace.

Important Note:

It is best to arrive on the 11th of August. We all depart to the jungle on the 12th early morning. Your accommodation night on the 11th is included in the fee.

RDV on the 11th is at a stunning and very comfortable hotel in Iquitos (details of the hotel communicated to participants). If you choose another accommodation let us know and make sure you are at our hotel on the 12th at 7.30am for early pickup. 


Your investment for this 20-Day Residential, all-inclusive* Master Plant Dieta is $4490.
To book your place on this training (limited to 15 participants) you only need to pay a $1000 deposit (non-refundable/transferable). The remaining balance of $3,490 will be due one calendar month prior to the starting day of the training. Payment plans are available on request.

*AIR FARES NOT INCLUDED: the nearest airport is Iquitos (IQT), which is 40 km (90 mins) away from our retreat Centre

Our Maestro and Retreat Centre

Our selected venue, nestled in the depth of the Amazon forest is located about 90min (bus or taxi drive) from Iquitos. It offers each participant a private Tambo (traditional jungle separate housing) with common areas for showers and toilets. 

Don Rono Lopez

Shipibo Ayahuasquero – Curandero & Vegetalisto

Rono was raised in a family of curanderos and comes from a long lineage of Shipibo plant doctors.

With an incredible knowledge of the plants, Don Rono continues to participate in plant dietas and study the science of healing. He has an interest in modern scientific techniques and he loves teaching about the nature of Shipibo curanderismo and its traditions. Some of his recent suggested research questions have included exploring ayahuasca and its impact on nature relatedness.

He comes from a long lineage which also works with Noya-Rao, a very unique master plant. Another special thing about Don Rono is that he has a passion to teach and is also a master at sharing his craft. He will be leading daily lectures followed by Q&A, he will also teach us the technologies of Icaros. We have also secured a Spanish translator onsite for each lecture.

The Shipibo are indigenous people in the Amazon rainforest in Peru. They are also called “the masters of Ayahuasca” and are known for their profound and ancient healing traditions of plant medicine/curanderismo (shamanism). The Shipibo say, that their knowledge of healing and plant medicine comes from the plants themselves, especially though dieting master plants (such as Noya Rao) and working with Ayahuasca. In our perspective, this tradition is in it’s core empowering, as it teaches us to take responsibility and an active part of our own healing – we help ourselves with the help of nature.

Through Don Rono’s connection with the plants, his icaros (traditional Shipibo medicine songs), his care, teachings and dedication he will supervise, teach and help you deepen your connection to your dieta.
His camp, Mokan Rate (Shipibo: traditional medicine), is built specifically for dieting in a simple, traditional way. It is a school, teaching the ways of dieta and plant medicine in this profound tradition. The camp itself is set in a mystic location deep in the Amazonian rainforest surrounded by giant trees of wisdom, a beautiful garden of medicinal plants and a peaceful water stream running through it. There is room for 20 students some living in Tambos (small huts) solitary in the forest and some in rooms in the middle of the centre.

Master plants for Dieta

A personal and individual diagnostic will be established by our maestro on arrival and they will suggest one (or two) master plant for you to diet. They will also create the Dieta plan, giving you the breakdwon of how to work with your Dieta. If there is any particular condition you’d like to bring to this Dieta, we will help you translate your request to our Maestro. He will then create a personalised treatment plan for you, for the duration of the Dieta and beyond.

Here are some of the plants you will be given an option to work with. 


Ayahuasca (Amazonian brew)

Of course, Ayahuasca is the master plant of a Dieta. Our Ayahuasca ceremonies will be deepening your work with your Dieta plant. For those new to Ayahuasca, it is a revered brew in Amazonian traditions, blending the synergistic energies of Banisteriopsis caapi and Psychotria viridis. Known as the "vine of the soul," Ayahuasca is a profound tool for spiritual exploration, healing, and self-discovery. The intricate dance between the vine and the leaf results in a potent concoction that opens the doors to otherworldly realms. Used in traditional shamanic ceremonies, Ayahuasca facilitates a deep communion with the spirit world, offering profound insights and transformative experiences.

Mapacho — Wild Tobacco

Mapacho, scientifically known as Nicotiana rustica, holds a sacred place in Amazonian shamanic traditions as the sacred tobacco plant. Unlike commercial tobacco, Mapacho is revered for its potent spiritual properties. Shamans and healers consider Mapacho an essential tool for purification, grounding, and protection against negative energies. The sacred smoke generated from Mapacho is believed to have the power to clear energetic blockages, creating a sacred space for healing ceremonies. Additionally, Mapacho is used to establish a connection with the spirit world, serving as a conduit for communication with benevolent spirits. Its role in traditional rituals underscores its significance as a powerful facilitator of spiritual purification and communion with the unseen realms.

Ajo Sacha

Ajo Sacha, scientifically known as Mansoa alliacea, stands as a garlic-scented healer in the rich tapestry of Amazonian master plants. Revered for its unique aromatic properties, Ajo Sacha is valued for its ability to support emotional release and physical well-being. Shamans and healers turn to Ajo Sacha to address a range of conditions, from respiratory issues to the release of emotional blockages. The plant's essence is believed to purify the energetic body, promoting a sense of clarity and balance. Ajo Sacha is often used in traditional healing ceremonies to enhance grounding and protection, creating a harmonious space for deep transformative experiences. Its aromatic presence in the shamanic toolkit underscores its role as a facilitator of holistic healing, addressing both the physical and emotional aspects of well-being.


Bobinsana, scientifically known as Calliandra angustifolia, is a plant celebrated for its vibrant blossoms and powerful heart-centered healing properties. Revered in Amazonian traditions, Bobinsana is regarded as a gentle yet potent ally for emotional well-being and heart-centered connections. Shamans and healers utilize Bobinsana to address emotional imbalances, promoting a sense of inner peace and harmony. The plant is associated with opening the heart chakra, allowing individuals to connect more deeply with their emotions and the emotions of others. Bobinsana is often used in ceremonial contexts to enhance empathy and compassion, fostering a greater understanding of the interconnectedness of all beings. Its presence in traditional healing practices highlights its role as a facilitator of emotional healing and spiritual growth.


Chihuahuaco, scientifically known as Fagara maynas, stands as a revered master plant in Amazonian traditions, celebrated for its potent healing properties and spiritual significance. This towering tree, often reaching great heights in the rainforest, is regarded as a wise and ancient ally in the realm of plant medicine. Shamans and healers turn to Chihuahuaco for its ability to address physical ailments and promote overall well-being. The plant's bark, leaves, and roots are utilized in traditional remedies, offering relief for conditions ranging from digestive issues to respiratory challenges. Beyond its physical healing attributes, Chihuahuaco is recognized for its spiritual prowess, serving as a guide in shamanic ceremonies and rituals.

Chiric Sanango

Chiric Sanango, scientifically known as Brunfelsia grandiflora, stands as a majestic presence in the realm of Amazonian master plants. Revered for its large and enchanting blooms, this plant holds profound spiritual and emotional healing properties. Shamans and healers turn to Chiric Sanango for its ability to provide deep insights into the spiritual self, guiding individuals through transformative healing journeys. The plant is believed to cleanse and purify the emotional body, releasing stagnant energy and facilitating emotional balance. Chiric Sanango is often employed in traditional healing ceremonies to connect with the spirit world, offering clarity and illumination on the path to spiritual growth and self-discovery.


Chullachaqui, scientifically known as Buddleja globosa, is a mystical plant celebrated for its ethereal essence and profound spiritual significance in Amazonian cultures. Revered by shamans for its ability to guide transformative spiritual journeys, Chullachaqui is associated with higher states of consciousness and expanded awareness. It is believed to facilitate encounters with spirit guides and unlock hidden dimensions of reality. Beyond its spiritual attributes, Chullachaqui is also recognized for its medicinal properties. Traditionally used to address various physical ailments, it is considered a holistic healer, promoting overall well-being. The plant's vibrant blossoms contribute to its ceremonial significance, symbolizing the beauty and interconnectedness of the spiritual world.


Marosa, scientifically known as Dracontium loretense, stands as a cherished plant of love in the rich tapestry of Amazonian master plants. Revered for its watery feminine quality, Marosa is celebrated for its profound healing abilities, particularly in matters of the heart and emotions. Growing in close proximity to rivers, it carries the energy of water, symbolizing the fluidity of emotional healing and connection. Marosa is often chosen by Shipibo maestras as a key spiritual ally in their healing work, embodying the sacred knowledge and power of the watery realms. The plant's association with the anaconda, the mother of Marosa, leads to visions of giant anacondas and the experience of serpentine energy during ayahuasca ceremonies in the dieta process.

Pinon Colorado

Piñon Colorado, scientifically known as Jatropha gossypiifolia, is a revered master plant in Amazonian traditions, known for its potent healing properties and spiritual significance. This plant, adorned with vibrant red flowers, holds a special place in the realm of plant medicine. Shamans and healers turn to Piñon Colorado for its ability to address physical ailments and promote overall well-being. The plant's leaves, roots, and seeds are utilized in traditional remedies, offering relief for conditions ranging from digestive issues to inflammatory challenges. Beyond its physical healing attributes, Piñon Colorado is recognized for its spiritual prowess, serving as a guide in shamanic ceremonies and rituals.

Noya Rao

Noya Rao, an iconic tree in the Amazon rainforest scientifically known as Alexandria amazonica, is revered as a sacred and wise teacher plant. Its towering presence is symbolic of the ancient wisdom it imparts to those who seek its guidance. Noya Rao is considered a beacon of light, illuminating spiritual paths and offering profound insights into the mysteries of existence. Shamans and seekers turn to Noya Rao for its ability to connect with the highest realms of consciousness, facilitating deep healing and spiritual evolution. The tree is associated with visionary experiences, and its teachings are believed to transcend the boundaries of ordinary reality. Noya Rao is considered a guardian of spiritual knowledge, revealing timeless truths to those who approach it with reverence.


Remocaspi, a revered plant in Amazonian traditions, holds remarkable healing properties for both the physical and spiritual realms. Known scientifically as Derris spp., it is valued for its potent medicinal qualities. The plant is particularly sought after for its ability to address various physical ailments, ranging from digestive issues to respiratory conditions. Beyond its efficacy in physical healing, Remocaspi is considered a powerful spiritual ally, playing a crucial role in shamanic practices. Shamans and healers often work with Remocaspi to cleanse and purify the energy field, providing a foundation for spiritual growth and balance. Its essence is believed to offer protection against negative energies and facilitate a deeper connection with the spiritual dimensions of the Amazon rainforest.


Renquilla, belonging to the Renealmia genus, is a revered master plant in Amazonian traditions, celebrated for its potent healing properties and spiritual significance. This plant, with its lush green leaves and aromatic essence, holds a special place in the realm of plant medicine. Shamans and healers turn to Renquilla for its ability to address physical ailments and promote overall well-being. The plant's roots, leaves, and flowers are utilized in traditional remedies, offering relief for conditions ranging from digestive issues to muscular discomfort. Beyond its physical healing attributes, Renquilla is recognized for its spiritual prowess, serving as a guide in shamanic ceremonies and rituals.

Frequently Asked & Important Questions

Why are the Dieta plants called "Teachers"?

In the heart of the Amazon rainforest, master plants have earned the revered title of “Plant teachers” among indigenous communities. This designation stems from the profound spiritual and healing insights that individuals experience when they engage with these botanical entities. Unlike conventional Western perspectives on plants as mere resources, Amazonian cultures view certain plants, often referred to as master plants or teacher plants, as sentient beings possessing wisdom to impart. The term “teacher” encapsulates the belief that these plants offer valuable lessons, guiding individuals through transformative experiences that extend beyond the physical realm.

The teachings of master plants are multifaceted, encompassing spiritual, emotional, and physical dimensions. Shamans and individuals seeking enlightenment engage in rituals, often involving the consumption of psychoactive plants like Ayahuasca or the San Pedro cactus, to access altered states of consciousness. In these altered states, the plant teachers are believed to reveal insights into the nature of existence, the interconnectedness of all life, and the intricate web that binds humanity to the natural world. The teachings may also address personal healing, helping individuals confront and overcome deep-seated emotional traumas or spiritual blockages.

Furthermore, the term “Plant teachers” conveys a sense of reciprocity and respect, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between humans and the plant kingdom. It underscores the idea that plants are not passive entities but active participants in the human journey, offering their wisdom for those willing to listen and learn. The Amazonian concept of plant teachers challenges conventional views on the boundaries between the human and natural realms, fostering a profound ecological consciousness and a deep sense of responsibility toward the environment. In essence, the designation “Plant teachers” encapsulates the rich tapestry of knowledge, healing, and interconnectedness that indigenous cultures in the Amazon associate with these extraordinary botanical beings.

Why are Dietas done in remote Amazon?

The practice of master plant dietas in the seclusion of the Amazon forest is deeply rooted in the belief that the transformative power of these botanical teachers is most effectively harnessed away from the distractions and disruptions of modernity.

The lush and biodiverse Amazon rainforest is seen as a sacred and energetically charged space, providing a natural environment conducive to spiritual exploration and communion with the plants.

The seclusion serves a dual purpose: first, it minimizes external influences, allowing individuals to fully immerse themselves in the teachings of the plants without the interference of the bustling modern world. Second, the isolation fosters a profound connection to nature, emphasizing the reciprocity between the individual and the forest ecosystem. Away from the noise of civilization, participants in the dietas can attune themselves to the rhythms of the natural world, deepening their understanding of the intricate web of life.

Moreover, the seclusion in the Amazon forest aligns with the traditional wisdom that the spirits of the plants reside in these sacred landscapes. It is believed that the plants, as living entities with consciousness, can better communicate their teachings in the pristine and undisturbed expanses of the rainforest.

The seclusion thus becomes a pilgrimage into the heart of nature, a journey where participants not only partake in the teachings of the master plants but also forge a profound and direct connection with the spiritual essence of the Amazon, enriching their personal growth and understanding of the interconnectedness of all living things.

Any requirements to attend a Dieta?

Relationship with Ayahuasca:

Before diving into a Master-Plant dieta in the world of shamanism, it’s essential to have previous experience with Ayahuasca ceremonies and be familiar with the Ayahuasca diet.

Committed to the Dieta Lifestyle:

The dieta requires a strong commitment that goes beyond just watching what you eat. It means saying no to intimate activities, drugs, alcohol, entertainment, and socializing. Be ready for a disciplined lifestyle throughout the entire dieta.

No Meds Allowed:

If you’re on prescription medication, you can’t join the dieta. It’s crucial to check with a doctor to make sure taking a break from medication won’t harm your physical and mental well-being.

Back to Basics:

Embracing a dieta means giving up modern comforts like electricity, internet, and TV. Get ready to break your usual routine and fully immerse yourself in the dieta process for a deep connection with the Amazon.

Prepare Your Mind for Spiritual Journeys:

While in the dieta, get ready for vivid encounters with spirits, dream visits, and intense spiritual experiences. Being mentally prepared for these profound moments is key.