Deepen your relationship with Ancestral Medicines


A unique experience in the Shipibo tradition

August 12-31 2024, Amazon Forest, Peru

A journey deep into the Amazon rainforest for both beginners and adepts, a transformative Plant Dieta, guided by true curanderos, to forge a profound connection with sacred plants, 9 Ayahuasca ceremonies, a jungle expedition, a hands-on Ayahuasca preparation and more. Join us on a powerful adventure for self-discovery and healing amid the mysteries of the Amazon.


The Ultimate Guide to a Master Plant Dieta

A 10-Page exclusive document to help you discover the extraordinary and sacred technology of Plant Dieta, it’s impact on entheogenic experience and it’s methodology.


Your next step on the journey

A message from Frédéric Cherri —  SpiritRivers Founder

Today our biggest problem is that we have separated ourselves from Nature – so much that there is a risk we may not survive as a species. We need philosophies, spiritualities, ideas, that can help us get back in touch with Nature again – our spirituality must become ecological.” —  Philippe Carr-Golm, Druid

Paradoxically, the path to ecological spirituality, as I see it, begins by connecting with the natural medicines of the Earth. As we embark on the journey of attuning ourselves to the natural world, we discover that their primary purpose is to guide us back into alignment, leading to healing and empowerment in turn.

Embark on a transformative 20-day expedition into the heart of the Amazon rainforest, guided by esteemed Shipibo maestros in a Master Plant Dieta. Every rustle of leaves and raindrop holds the potential for profound change as we delve into the jungle’s depths, discovering its remarkable gifts. This immersive experience is a journey into both the Amazon and our capacity to heal, where lush surroundings serve as our sanctuary and the ancient wisdom of Ayahuasca and its plant allies become our guides.

Why the Amazon? It’s more than a place; it’s a living entity pulsing with energy, offering a space for profound reconnection. Delve into plant wisdom with Shipibo maestros in the Master Plant dieta:

Deep Healing: A journey guided by experienced maestros with sacred plant medicines like Ayahuasca, Bobinsana, Marosa, Chiric Sanango, Ajo Sacha, and more, facilitating inner exploration and spiritual connection.

Cultural Immersion: Immerse in Shipibo culture through traditional ceremonies, lectures from maestros, and discovering the spiritual artistry of Shipibo Icaros and visual art.

Community Connection: Beyond a solitary venture, it’s a shared experience fostering bonds that extend beyond the jungle, creating a supportive community to amplify the transformative journey.

More than a retreat, it’s a chance to rewrite life’s chapters ‘from root to sky’ in the unique Amazon forest setting. Join us for this extraordinary opportunity.

What is a Master Plant Dieta?

A master plant dieta is a complex, strict and rigorous system through which a ‘teacher‘ plant transmit healing, protection, guidance and sacred knowledge to the participant.

The dieta process is best described as an intentional spiritual fast that leads to profound, holistic transformation. It includes a dedicated period of time where a person maintains a series of dietary and behavioral restrictions while ingesting a mild remedy made from one or more medicinal plants. The foundation of a dieta is to form a bond with and learn from the plant or plants they are dieting.

Plant dietas are a foundational and advanced pillar of Amazonian plant medicine. The dieta is the primary method one undertakes in order to connect with and learn directly from plant spirits. This process, while rigorous, is deeply transformational and fundamental to working with Ayahuasca, and further, with any entheogen.