Ancestral Medicine is a path that requires a strong intention and a clear vision. Ours is to work with Spirit to support your journey to a better life, a better You.

Why do we do what we do

Your personal desire to heal, transform and ultimately live a better life is all it takes to impact and change the world for the better. SpiritRivers is here to help you do that and  contribute to the changes we all need. And Plant Medicines like San Pedro cactus, Ayahuasca, Peyote and many others are the most surprisingly efficient ways to support the shifts in perception that lead to transformation & healing.

The ancient wisdoms of the world offer a powerful way to help us grow and transform. Ancestral medicine, also called plant medicine or teacher plant medicine, and especially the Cactus San Pedro or Huachuma is the path to profound healing through the heart. It is the work of the heart not the mind, so ‘feeling the call’ to work with a master plant is a feeling that defies words and reason. It is a call from the depth of Spirit. For those of us crossing paths with this plant medicine in any way— meeting someone who has taken it, watching a documentary, reading an article—it’s because our spirits are prodding us toward a tool that right now, at this moment in our lives can work for us. That is what we personally believe.

This is a one-of-a-kind journey that will turn your life around: an extraordinary retreat with the ancestral medicine Huachuma led by a deeply experienced facilitator adept in South American shamanism who shares medicine around the world using a range of earth-based medicines and skilled processes to prepare you to take maximum advantage of the journey, and who send you home prepared to translate what you’ve learned into permanent change. Being able to integrate the healing is everything and Frédéric Cherri is a master of personalised integration techniques.
Our retreats are set in the Yucatan jungle in Mexico; far from the madding crowd, steeped in birdsong, wind and sun.

Why Plant Medicine; Why Us

We are not here to convince you to try Plant Medicine. If you are here, the path is already opening for you. We advocate that personal transformation with Ancestral Medicine is a regal path to greater consciousness and a better world, especially as it supports personal responsibility and a deep sense  of connection to nature and community.

We believe that we are in a unique position to offer you a way to deeply rewarding work with master plant medicine as we are westerners who share with you a culture, a language and a mindset. Years of personal work with plant medicine have also rendered us initiates of a kind—shamanic practitioners, intuitives & facilitators—and allowed us to craft a way for the western mind to navigate and dialogue with the wonders and healing energies of Ancestral Medicine.

Most of us live in the world of the senses: we believe that only things we can see, touch and hear are ‘real’. Westerners don’t easily accept the world of Spirit as ‘real’ and we generally are resistant to it. We know all this because we’ve been there, yet there is a way; an elegant, gentle way to walk the world of the intangible with plant medicine. This is what we offer you: an approach that will grant you entrée into the world of Spirit of which you are an intimate part. 

We are Bridges

Our goal is to help you, the navigator, bridge the gap between both ancient wisdom and modern knowledge and offer simple and accessible entry points into this vast well of healing possibilities called Entheogen or Earth Medicines.

Ancient Wisdom

No matter where they lived, our ancestors were earth honouring people. All of their traditions combined the teachings of nature, seasons, cycles of life, the elements, Spirit and the Sacred. Their wisdom offers today an even more crucial understanding of magic and the artful weaving of Spirit (the intangible), with matter (the tangible).
We wouldn’t offer anything of value to others without the many gifts from the elders & guardians of ageless traditions and ancient wisdoms of this world. We are deeply indebted and grateful our paths have brought us to share some of the ideas and practices of these custodians of our favourite planet. We honour the instructions, guidance and the ‘rights of passage’ we have received to enrich other peoples’ lives. We bear with humility the responsibility that comes with sharing indigenous and earth-centred practices. It is our commitment to you.

Modern Knowledge & Bridging Worlds

In our view, it has become crucial that both ancient wisdom and modern knowledge inform one another. The Western model of psyche and medicine have become inadequate to account for the wide spectrum of possibilities the ancient ways of healing offer.

The bridge is our metaphor to reflect what inspires us to bring value to the people and communities we choose to work with, around the world. Our offering endeavours to bring people from different walks of life together and to re-connect the world of the tangible with the world of Spirit; to offer a return to the many ways of honouring Earth, Nature and our shared humanity. To offer a powerful bridge of connection is our prayer – to create, with compassion and courage, a worldwide community of likeminded individuals, and to heal all differences.

Discovery & Sharing

An ancestral ceremony retreat brings people seeking healing together from across the globe, creating a sense of community wherein we find our uniqueness and common bond as humans … together we’ll share and discover…
  • The healing of old traumas
  • Altered states of consciousnessUnadulterated nature
  • Extraordinary people
  • Delicious nutritious meals
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Shamanic fire circles
  • Ancestral music
  • A digital disconnect
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs

The true meaning of our humanity
Shamanic perception
A connection to everything and everyone
An appreciation of nature on a cellular level
Talking to the stars, really
The writing of a therapeutic journal
Drum journeys
Sharing in sacred circles
Conversations from the depths
Many bear hugs and lots of other pleasant surprises…