Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Bufo Alvarius,
Yopo, Kambo & more

Retreats for Healing, Growth & Transformation
in Europe and Mexico —
Entheogen Practitioner Training in Mexico

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Pourquoi travailler avec nous

We are a passionate and seasoned tribe. We offer healing retreats and Practitioner Training for aspiring facilitators of Ancestral Medicines. Our retreats are specifically crafted for people seeking healing and with an interest in discovering the deeper aspects of their true selves. Our mission is to share, help disseminate and preserve the collective wisdom found in the teachings and practices of traditional healers of Central and South America. We dedicate our spiritual and human capital to support healing and the evolution of consciousness.

Healing and Empowerment

Our focus is the empowerment of others through the use of ancestral medicines and their unmatched capacity to help us heal & reconnect. We insist in sharing these medicines in the way of the elders. We owe everything to the wisdom holders of this world, the curanderos, vegetalistos and shamans of many traditions. And we are inspired and driven in a similar manner by their ways of reciprocity with nature.

Nous relions les mondes

Nous sommes dans la position unique d’offrir des possibilités de changements profonds et durables grâce à ces medecines car nous sommes des occidentaux qui partageons avec vous une culture, une langue et un état d’esprit. Des décennies de travail personnel avec les médecines ancestrales ont également fait de nous des initiés et nous ont permis de créer un moyen pour l’esprit occidental de naviguer et de dialoguer avec les merveilles et les énergies de guérison de la médecine ancestrale.

Nos retraites

The Indigenous Way

Our intention is to share the ancestral ways of healing where preparation, diet and intentional mindset are paramount to enter pure states of awareness and to heal physical, mental and spiritual ailments. Once you’re booked on one of our retreats an information pack is sent to you to that effect. We also always present a practical understanding of the sacred teachings of these medicines, and how to work individually with each one of them.


We carefully craft and combine master plants like San Pedro and Ayahuasca with Kambo and Bufo to enhance your journey.

All medicines offered on a retreat are of course optional and upon arrival, we can help you customise your own retreat, with at times the possibility to substitute some medicines for others. The choice is yours and is skilfully guided by our expert facilitators to support your own personal experience.

Glorious & Unique Venues

We select very carefully our retreat centers and venues to offer the best combination of modern comfort in idyllic settings, steeped in abundant nature; far from the madding crowd, and close to an International Airport.

Simple Fees

We keep our fee structure simple. Depending on the location we offer either all-inclusive or split fees (retreat/board) to cover all aspects of your journey with us. To book your place on any of our retreats a non-refundable/transferable deposit is required. The balance to be paid 3 weeks prior to the start.

Cancellations and refunds are outlined in our Terms & Conditions.

Note that our retreats have a minimum of 6 participants with a maximum of 20 participants to guarantee quality attention is given to every single person.

2023 Upcoming Retreats & Training

You will find find below a choice of Retreats & Training

April 27- May 1

5-Day Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Bufo, Kambo retreat.

Tulum, Mexico

 May 4-9

6-Day Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Bufo, Kambo  retreats.

South of France

14-21/21-28 May 2023

7-Day Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Bufo, Kambo retreats.

Mallorca, Spain

June, July, August

Various Retreats with Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Bufo and Kambo. 

Tulum, Mexico

22 Sept/07 Oct 2023

15-Day Entheogen Facilitator Training. Learn how facilitate Ayahuasca, Huachuma, Bufo Alvarius, Kambo and Rapéh. + Additional Specialty Practicums.

Tulum, Mexico

Sept/Oct 2023

4-Day Retreats with Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Bufo, Kambo and more.
22-25 Sept / 24-27 Sept /
30 Sept-03 Oct / 05-07 Oct.

Tulum, Mexico

Oct 23-29 Veterans Only

7-Day Veterans Only retreat with Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Bufo, Kambo retreat.

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Les médecines avec lesquelles nous travaillons

San Pedro, Pérou
Parce qu’il est un peu plus beinveillant que la plupart des autres medecines ancestrale, Huachuma a gagné le surnom de « Le grand-père » dans nos communautés. Ne vous y trompez pas, San Pedro…

Ayahuasca, Amazone

La grand-mère Ayahuasca doit être approchée avec grand respect car son esprit fort ouvre nos cœurs à d’autres réalités et l’expérience de l’outre monde. C’est un brillant et alambiqué…

Bufo Alvarius, Mexique

Sapo (Bufo Alvarius) est le maître de la non-dualité. Il vous montrera ce qui contient le cosmos. Avec la pratique, cela vous amènera également à réaliser le lien mystique mais révélateur qui existe entre le « vide » et…

Kambo (grenouille amazonienne)

Kambocito, Kampu ou Kambo a les propriétés de réinitialiser tout votre système immunitaire. Il est très utile à notre époque actuelle. Cela vous aidera également à recoder l’ADN. Il fonctionne à merveille en préparation ou comme adjuvant pour…

Yopo, Médecine à priser sacré, Venezuela

Yopo est connu pour être l’une des médecines les plus sacrées de toutes les Amériques. L’un des pouvoirs remarquables du Yopo est qu’il efface momentanément le masque ou « ego » avec lequel nous interprétons la vie quotidienne. Il plonge également…

Rapé (Rapéh) poudre à priser sacrée

Rapé is a fine, light-colored powder containing tobacco and other medicinal and sacred plants, including tree bark ashes, leaves, seeds, and various herbs. Once collected, the components are pulverized with…

Temazcal, hutte de sudation Maya

Un Temazcal est une construction en forme de dôme de boue ou de brique et est utilisé pour loger les gens pendant qu’ils subissent un ancien rituel de purification aztèque. L’intention est d’équilibrer l’esprit, le corps et l’esprit, « ce qui, selon eux, favorise la renaissance spirituelle »….

Cacao, Médecine du Coeur

Aussi connue sous le nom de médecine ancestrale du cœur, la cérémonie du cacao vous incite à accélérer votre évolution en vous débarrassant de tout ce qui ne vous sert plus. Lors de la cérémonie, vous dégusterez un délicieux….

Your guide on the journey, Frédéric Cherri  

By nature, I’m not very fond of labels or titles however, if I had to describe my path I would say that I’m mostly a practitioner of the shamanic arts, a therapist of 30yrs clinical practice and tutoring in the field of cranial osteopathy, specialised in trauma, immune disorders and perinatal issues. I’ve also trained extensively for the last 25 yrs in the shamanic arts and dedicated a lot of my time to live and study with indigenous communities in many parts of the world.

I’m finally an entrepreneur, a retreat leader, a program teacher, a ceremonialist, a shamanic practitioner, an entheogen integration specialist and a personal coach. Years of study and practice on the path of workshop facilitation, field research and clinical & therapeutic work have led me to believe we can heal anything.

I’m also aware of being a bit of an ‘oddball’ in the realm of ancestral medicines as I’ve trained (and keep training) in a variety of ancestral medicines and with a variety of different traditions. A medicine man or woman usually is a one-medicine specialist, and trains in one sole tradition. I have answered the specific calls from some of these remarkable medicines and travelled wide and far to different jungles and mountains to work and study with varied first-people communities of this planet.

I believe there is a need for people like me to help bridge, protect and disseminate to a western audience the extraordinary wisdom of the first nations who share these medicines. Shamanic work and one of it’s mysterious and exciting aspects, the realm of plant or earth medicine, brings many answers to the unresolved issues of modern medicine or psychology. I have dedicated my life to supporting others’ journey, growth and transformation and am delighted to answer any questions via Zoom or Whatsapp chat. Schedule a free call here. Or leave me a message on whatsapp +52 998 354 2178

Support and assisting team

Rogelio Kuntur Cristal

Ceremony Assistant, Cook

For over 20 years, Rogelio has worked in different areas and fields, always in service of love, healing and creativity, and active in supporting and creating transformational and evolutionary spaces.
Over the years, Rogelio has refined his offering in one of his main passions: vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free nutrition. He has learned how to support people in their healing processes and medicine work. Rogelio now finds himself serving within the ceremony space, practicing compassion and presence, as well as learning and deepening his understanding of the plant medicine realm.

Ray Bueno

Ray Bueno is a Marine combat veteran and marketing and logistics manager for SpiritRivers International. After struggling with PTSD and Depression he answered the call to a plant medicine retreat in Mexico with Frédéric. Since, he has been passionate about learning more about plant medicine and its potential to heal individuals and communities. He is an advocate for veterans and believes that plant medicines can be a powerful tool in helping veterans suffering from PTSD, chronic pain, and other conditions.

Geovanna Arias
Operations & Management

Geovanna is a passionate advocate for natural and holistic healing, believing that plant medicines can be incredibly powerful tools in helping others work through trauma, depression, anxiety, and pain. She's participated in several plant medicine retreats with Frederic and gained hands-on experience with Huachuma, Ayahuasca, Bufo, Peyote and Kambo. Following her move to Mexico in 2022, she set out to continue helping others find healing and transformation with entheogens. She is determined to use them as a way of inspiring growth and positivity in this world.