Remote Treatment for Pain Relief: mystical theatrics or extreme science?

Written by Frédéric Cherri

Therapist, shaman, teacher, coach. Frédéric is a long serving clinician & tutor of Craniosacral Therapy, retreat & workshop leader, ceremonialist and speaker. He also runs an online personal practice for deep transformation. He is available for private consultations.

Remote Treatment for Pain Relief: mystical theatrics or extreme science?

A Shamanic Intuitive Perspective

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I’ve had an influx of remote treatments [therapy at a distance] lately, along with many questions about how this works and why this works so well, so I thought I’d address the topic to provide answers to some of the most common questions I receive.

I’m also unsure as to how much impact COVID19 has had on our openness to explore non-ordinary ways of treatment to resolve pain and discomfort. My personal take, based on the flurry of bookings and requests I’ve had in the last 4 months, it’s had a big impact.

It is music to my ears, but not for the reason you might think:

We are indeed waking up and we seek other ways of being and connecting in the world. And it’s extraordinary how much deep change stems from adversity. As if people with suffering and ailments, or even simply animated by a desire for a better life will not let anything curtail their freedom of choice and their drive to heal, grow and transform.

At the same time the science that confirms the validity of remote or distant healing has been around for over two decades. Many studies have been done and the question IF it works has already been answered (1), (2), (3), (4). Even though such studies have proven the validity of distant healing, this knowledge has not made it into the mainstream awareness.

The most modern fields of science, from particle physics to quantum mechanics, have all rallied around the idea of remote or distant healing. Some have even offered the reasons why this works.

As physicists Elizabeth A. Rauscher and Russell Targ say “…(distant healing) phenomena are not a result of an energetic transmission, but rather they are an interaction of our awareness with a non-local hyper-dimensional space-time in which we live.” (5)

So modern day scientists bring consciousness and the world of the intangible into the fold as to how this works. Shamans have been familiar with this field of consciousness for eons and they didn’t need quantum physics to validate their results. They just operated in that fashion as their way of understanding (R)eality, unlimited reality, the one quantum physics are trying to harness, unsuccessfully so far.

Allow me to address some of the most common questions I receive related to Remote Shamanic/Craniosacral Treatments.

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What is a Shamanic/Craniosacral remote treatment?

It is important for me to precise that my own clinical field of expertise has broadened widely from Craniosacral Therapy to now also include and integrate the Shamanic concepts and practices [Ancestral Medicine practices] into the Craniosacral scope that most of you have become familiar with.

They both merge wonderfully and the effects and results have magnified significantly from a client’s perspective.

During a remote treatment, the client and practitioner do not need to be together in the same location. We both will agree on a time to ‘meet up’ on synchronised time zones.

What does it treat?

We usually have a pre-treatment briefing using video conferencing, Zoom, Skype or others.
The scope of treatment is established: often the client has a specific complaint or healing intention, such as physical or emotional pain, or sometimes they just need an energetic boost of support to help them get through a difficult phase in life. The real scope of this treatment method is as wide as can be. There are no parameters or limitations when it comes to remote treatment. It can be used for anything, at any time, and anywhere.
Migraines, lower back, Immune system disorders, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, the scope is very wide.

How does it work?

It involves bringing the energetics of a person with me. That is done using intention and deep shamanic perception, in an altered state of awareness. The rest is a treatment that is very similar to a standard Craniosacral Therapy treatment involving [remote] hands point of contact, sensitive orientation to compressions or restrictions in tissues, fluids and all the other aspects of classic Craniosacral Therapy. The shamanic context adds to that all that is not included in a standard cranial practice: the loss of connection to ‘nature’, community, the divine, and the inherited limiting trans-generational patterns within a person.

The state of consciousness of the practitioner is a direct connection to the deepest levels of existence. At this level of connection, time and distance are no longer a barrier. It is essentially tapping into what holds the universe, the Life force, the Breath of Life that dwells within each one of us. This level of energetic awareness harnesses these forces and assists in deep healing as they have only one intention and that is to restore harmony, balance and the blueprint of Health. as it was initially intended. It’s simple, direct, elegant and powerful beyond human imagination.

Do I need to be doing anything special during a treatment?

It is always best to be in a quiet, undisturbed place for your session so that you can relax and be open to receive, but it’s not absolutely necessary, it’s just helpful. The most important thing is to have your intention set to be an integral part of the treatment.
What does a session feel like? What can I expect?
Most commonly, people report feeling warmth, waves of energy, pulsations, deep feelings of relaxation, peace, lightness, and clarity. Very often a client will slip into a deep state. Very rare but some people don’t feel much of anything and that’s ok too.

Everyone’s experience varies depending upon how sensitive they are to energy, what exactly is at stake, and what will be the best way for them to deal with that on that particular day.

I have found that even though the method is unorthodox, the results are just as effective as for in-person treatments.

How long does a remote treatment last?

Typically, remote treatment sessions last the same as in-person treatments. They last anywhere from 30-45 minutes, sometimes a little longer, it just depends on what needs to be done and how I’m guided throughout the treatment.
What do you do during the session? What does it feel like for you?

During our session, I am in a quiet, undisturbed place, usually sitting in my clinic room. I begin by setting my intention for your healing, calling all spirits and allies that always are with me and then I bring your energetics in the space, I usually only need to know your first and last name. Once I can clearly sense the relationship between you and me the treatment starts. Your body, mind, soul and spirit will ‘come forth’ and will enter my internal visual space and my attention will be brought to what needs to be attended to. The context and sometimes the explanation or meaning of an imbalance will be provided. Following the presentation then the treatment unfolds with negotiations to release compressions and restrictions, misalignment and confusion in tissues, organs and the fluids or in the relationships between organs or body systems. It usually ends with a full realignment, energetic structural and even emotional that is palpable. It is the sign of the end of a treatment.
As expected, in the world of the intangible the ‘knowing’ of what is at stake for a client  involves a highly refined sense of intuitive perception. Hence, I am today very comfortable with the title of ‘Shamanic Medical intuitive’, as both shamanic and medical approaches are perfectly fusioned in this treatment type. Every treatment is of course unique and personalised to the individual I’m working on.

When I am done with your treatment

If time allows we can reconnect on video conferencing to debrief this treatment and establish the path forward. If we can’t connect because you are still in a deep state I may also email you a summary letting you know what came up during the and what was the focus, along with any other important information that came forward for you.


  4. The Speed of Thought: Investigation of a Complex Space-Time Metric to Describe Psychic Phenomena

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How to book a treatment?


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