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Why Dive into the World of Ancestral Medicines? Embarking on an Entheogenic Adventure:

In a world filled with stress, monotony, and a longing for something more, many adventurous souls are daring to explore the realm of ancestral medicines. Picture this: a wild and transformative journey with substances like Ayahuasca, Huachuma, and Bufo Alvarius, where personal growth meets ancient wisdom. In this article, we’re diving head first into the quirky world of entheogenic experiences and why you might just want to take the plunge!

How to benefit from integration after your Ayahuasca experience?

You’ve completed your Ayahuasca retreat and you’re feeling great. The experience was everything you hoped for, and then some. But what now? How do you make sure that you continue to benefit from the experience long after you’ve left the retreat center? The answer is integration.

Psychedelic Renaissance — Fad or Fab?

Plant and Earth medicines are on the rise.
Whilst this must be a good thing, the profound respect that imbues all ancestral medicines practices seems to be desecrated.
And some questions need to be asked:
Is the Psychedelic Renaissance a good thing?
What is the best way to prevent operators to adapt millennial practices into practices that address the self-serving interest of a few over the many?

My Personal take on: San Pedro

This sacred cactus holds a very special place in my heart. It has taught me possibly more than any other entheogen. It is the most particularly lucid of all the teachers I’ve ​​worked with. It seems to provide it’s lessons in a very clear way…