The Courage to Heal

UBUD, Bali – 28 Sep-11 Oct 2019

A 12-day Practitioner Training in The Shamanic Approach to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

For aspiring or existing practitioners wanting to merge this modern & effective gentle therapy with the power of Ancestral and Shamanic medicine. Presented by Frédéric Cherri, Founder of Néotouch Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Shamanic practitioner, International Workshops Leader & Keynote Speaker.

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The Shamanic Approach to Craniosacral Therapy is a world-first training program. It leads to a qualification in a non-invasive, gentle & efficient therapy. It trains practitioners to create and hold a shamanic perceptual space combined with a Biodynamic Craniosacral quality of touch to help a suffering person release their full healing potential and reclaim health, harmony and balance.

The ancestral knowledge of age-old traditions considers that dis-ease comes from an imbalance between Nature and the Spirit within all. That loss of balance creates a fragmentation of the Essence of a person, leading to illness. The trained practitioner perceives what part of anatomy, physiology or energetic field affects the client’s life journey. Their perception and knowledge, as in shamanic states of awareness, allows a return of the fragmented part to the whole and results in cellular changes improving the physiological, emotional and spiritual state of health for the client.

Who is this for

This program will interest aspiring as well as existing practitioners of all fields wanting to combine the power of ancestral Shamanic practices with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.  It will also attract people with an interest in what merged spirituality and science offer to support and enlist healing.


This is a hands-on program. In this 12-day  program you will develop, practice & master perceptual shifts combined with light touch skills to discover what affects health in the body and to support a return to harmony & balance as well as how to help resolve limiting beliefs, mental patterns or life stories.


You will receive a Certification in the Shamanic Approach to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, an emerging-field of Energy Medicine. You will gain confidence to treat most conditions for most people in a safe & efficient manner.

“Shamanism is a path of direct revelation and experience ~ deeply personal, alive and connected with the totality of life.” – Beata Alfoldi –

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‘THE COURAGE TO HEAL’ is a foundation program merging ancient  wisdom with modern efficient therapeutic concepts.

It will help anyone support the resolution of suffering well beyond the limits of what is considered possible.

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Easy and simple to learn, ‘The Courage to Heal’ is open to either aspiring practitioners  with an interest in a remarkable emerging healing art, or those already practising in a medical or natural health field.


This is a 12-day Program leading to an International Certification in the Shamanic Approach to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.


Faster & simpler. Open to anyone without restriction or pre-requisite. Modern, honouring the origins of both practices, yet opening up to new fields: inter-personal Biology, altered states of perception and more.


Prior Anatomy knowledge is welcome yet not required. Related living & energetic anatomy & physiology are provided during training to facilitate self awareness & clinical practice.


Focused on experiential & practical skills. Continuous supervision from experienced tutors. 250 hrs of study: workshops + home-study made of reading, writing & practice. Notes provided.


Hands-on real clinical situations and conditions for all ages. Leading to clinical, practice management and personal development skills. Morning clinics invaluable learning during training. Student clinics available where possible.

Is this Training for you?

To determine if this program is for you, let’s have a 15 mins conversation. Click the button below and we can establish contact. 

Add your Skype address in the email. My Skype handle is frederic.cherri or contact me on Facebook Messenger 
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This is a 12-day, non-residential, 3×4-day seminars Program (one day off between each seminar) running over a total of 15 days.

Seminar 1: Sept 28-October 1st, 2019
Arrive one day earlier (27 Sep) so we all start on time
Seminar 2: 3-6 October  2019
Seminar 3: 8-11 October 2019


VENUE in Central UBUD, BALI.
To be confirmed at the end of July

Accomodation is to be arranged individually.


The fee for the full program is $US3800. You can pay for the full program below (and save $US300).

PLEASE NOTE: Alternatively you can choose to attend the first 4-day Seminar only. The fee for this seminar is $1000. Should you decide to continue the training, the fee for the remaining 2 seminars is $US2800. To complete the program and obtain a Certification it is required to attend all 3 seminars.

Frédéric Cherri

Frédéric is the founder of the Néotouch Approach to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. For 20 years, the head of a busy Training Institute in Auckland, New Zealand, he’s taught internationally for 15 years. Trained in numerous therapeutic fields and in the Q’ero Peruvian lineage of shamans he also taught Yoga and meditation for many years.
He simply serves his community wherever it happens to be. His approach is based on integrity, intuition, humour and rigorous clinical understanding.



My name is Frédéric, I'm here to help and I usually respond right away. Let's chat below on WhatsApp or send me an email to

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