Sacred Odyssey

Ancestral Medicines retreat

September 26-29, 2024, 4-Day/3-Nights, Beachfront Venue
Dominican Republic

Growth, transformation and healing with Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Bufo Alvarius, Kambo and more.

Led by International Facilitators

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Experience a transformative 4-day/3-night retreat at a beachfront property in La Romana, Dominican Republic. Led by an experienced entheogen expert, this unique experience integrates powerful ancestral medicines through 4 ceremonies, providing both newcomers and seasoned participants with a profound understanding of their healing properties and synergistic effects. The retreat ensures a safe introduction to sacred medicines in a traditional setting at a comfortable retreat center.


The fee for this 4-day retreat is US$1790 per person and is all inclusive:  accommodation, ceremonies and meals.

Arrival & departure

Please review our itinerary and, as a courtesy to all, make sure to arrive on site on day one before 4pm.

Venue, Accommodation and Meals

This retreat is hosted at a breathtaking beachfront venue, in the famed area of La Romana in Dominican Republic. Shared accommodation with private shower and toilet and alfresco delicious vegetarian menus compatible with ancestral medicines.

Booking Process and Payment

Reserve your spot in this retreat by clicking the button below to submit your non-refundable $USD 800 deposit. Payment options: by Credit Card Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club and EnRoute.

Balance payment to be paid in cash, on-site, at the start of the retreat.
Upon receipt of your deposit, you’ll receive a 15-page INFO-PACK: an orientation document designed to assist you in preparing, setting intentions, adhering to a specific diet, and addressing various aspects of engaging with Ancestral Medicines.

For all enquiries, contact Whatsapp on +52 998 354 2178  or email at with any questions in English, French or Spanish.

The Earth Medicines we will work with

Huachuma (San Pedro cactus)

Because it is a bit gentler than many of the other plant teachers, Huachuma has earned the nickname “The Grandfather” around the medicine community — Make no mistake though, San Pedro can produce as deep visions as any other entheogenic, Ayahuasca, Buffo Alvarius or Psilocybin mushrooms. However it is overall less intimidating, less jarring and more loving than many other plant teachers. — His main personality is two-fold: heart-opener...

Ayahuasca (Amazonian brew)

The Grandmother Ayahuasca is certainly to be respected as its strong spirit unfolds our minds and hearts to other realities and otherworldly experiences. It is a bright and convoluted teaching that will take you on a radiant journey. The teaching is also focused on the powers of the Intangible, it's residing spirits and the alliances we can make within those realms. The mission and personality of Ayahuasca is to educate and broaden our perception, to reform old limiting patterns, to ...

Bufo Alvarius (Mexican Toad)

Sapo (Bufo Alvarius) is the master of non-duality. It will show you what holds the cosmos. With practice it will also lead you to realise the mystical yet revealing link there is between the 'void' and it's purpose for our dayly-living. The experience of non-duality is counter-intuitively very practical as it allows us to live from the source, free from the hindrances of mundanity...

Kambo (Amazonian tree frog)

Kambocito, Kampu or Kambo has the propeties to reset your entire Immune system. It is very useful in our current times. It will also help you recode DNA. It works beautifully in preparation or as an adjuvent of other medicines. It's use is to be approached with respect, and trust in your Practitioner is paramount... We currently offer Kambo in almost all our retreats as it...

Rapéh — Sacred Tobacco snuff

Rapé is a fine, light-colored powder containing tobacco and other medicinal and sacred plants, including tree bark ashes, leaves, seeds, and various herbs. Once collected, the components are pulverized with a pestle and filtered, The result is a fine powder blown into the nose.
Rapé brings you into a state of acute attention and awareness. The mind becomes calmer, negativity clears and emotional tensions are released. Participants often feel more grounded during the experience, allowing them to clear up confusions...

Our Itinerary

Please make sure, by courtesy for all, that you arrive on time on the day and no later than 4pm. Thanks in advance.

Day 1

4pm: Arrival
5pm: Opening Ceremony & Preparation
7pm: Dinner

Day 2

8am: Herbal teas
9-4pm: San Pedro ceremony
4pm: Snacks
7pm: Dinner

Day 3

7am: Teas
8am: Kambo cleanse
10am: Integration
12pm: Brunch
2-7pm: Rest
8pm-2am: Ayahuasca
2am: Rest

Day 4

10am: Light collation
10.30-2pm: Bufo Alvarius
2pm: Integration & Lunch
4pm: Departure

Pricing & Booking

The price for this 4-day retreat is US$1790 per person, all inclusive, ceremonies, accommodation and vegetarian meals. To secure your place, simply pay a non-refundable deposit of US$800 using the payment methods below.

What’s included

Board, meals, all shamanic ceremonies and processes.

What’s not included

Airfare and/ or transportation costs to the retreat center are not included.


Use online payment below by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club and EnRoute). The balance must be paid in cash on site on the day of arrival.
If you have any questions, contact us by email in English, French or Spanish.

A breathtaking and purpose built environment close to the Beach in the Dominican Republic.

Each participant will have shared accommodation (double) with a private shower and toilet. Alfresco delicious vegetarian dining included in our fee.