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A Common Thread

In a world of unprecedented disruption, transformation, growth and personal development revolves today around the need to unlock new opportunities, new ways of healing, learning and living. Transformation programs invite us to rethink how we create value for ourselves and for the ones we care about.

We want to promote through SpiritRivers the programs and ideas of thought leaders, wisdom holders, circles of elders, artists, designers, and entrepreneurs of all kinds, keen to share their own relationship to the Spirit world, to serve others at large.

If you are interested in the growth of others, you know there is now a poignant need for the right tool, guidance or program offering others help, clarity and support in their own growth.
You will also have noticed that there is a simultaneous resurgence of ancient wisdom being re-activated and shared in the world to serve this need. At SpiritRivers we also know we can’t serve our community by ourselves only and we would rather being in the company of others of the same kin.

The programs we already share spin themes common to all of humanity. Themes of fear and triumph, love and risk, joy and heartache. Together they distill the human experience and it’s aspirations. We want to share your programs too if they fit within the the framework of the betterment of others.

This is a formal call to the Spirit within all of us. Come and join us to help us serve our extended communities.

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Frédéric Cherri 


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About You

Beyond our own programs, SpiritRivers also wants to share and present transformational programs from thought leaders in their fields, facilitators, makers, thinkers, and artists attempting to make a difference. The point is not your success; it’s your journey, where you are going and who you are serving. If you have a program that you’d like to share, please get in touch with us.

Programs Features

Place, purpose, journey and the community you serve are quintessential for us to be able to document these interviews and, in turn, serve our communities of readers and seekers.

SpiritRivers Streams

The programs or stories you share with us should illustrate what benefit people find in them to create a life that matters, to themselves and others. This interview exists for the facilitators of knowledge, ancient or modern wisdom and those who seek to empower the lives of others. Share your passions, your dreams, your vision and purpose.

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Hey Creatives

Here at SpiritRivers we understand and gladly acknowledge that we can’t do everything ourselves. We welcome the opportunity to work with fellow creatives, photographers, social network professionals and film makers. As a result, many of the programs, articles and videos here rely heavily on the skills of fellow collaborators. If you have an interest in working together or a skill you’d like to offer, please reach out to us.

Get Familiar

Take some time to familiarise yourself with the offerings, editorial tone and visual aesthetic of SpiritRivers to see if it relates with your own. We would relish the opportunity to establish a relationship with you, look at your work, and perhaps collaborate on a program, article or creative experiment of sorts.
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