All-Inclusive Healing Retreats with

San Pedro, Ayahuasca, Bufo Alvarius,Yopo & Kambo, in Mexico & Europe
Huachuma, the San Pedro Cactus — Andean Highlands

Plant & Earth Medicine Journeys

All-Inclusive Healing Retreats with

San Pedro, Ayahuasca, Bufo Alvarius,Yopo & Kambo, in Mexico & Europe
Ayahuasca Ceremony — Amazon basin

Plant & Earth Medicine Journeys

All-Inclusive Healing Retreats with

San Pedro, Ayahuasca, Bufo Alvarius,Yopo & Kambo, in Mexico & Europe
Bufo Alvarius — Toad of the Sonoran Desert, Mexico

Plant & Earth Medicine Journeys

All-Inclusive Healing Retreats with

San Pedro, Ayahuasca, Bufo Alvarius,Yopo & Kambo, in Mexico & Europe
Kambo, Tree Frog — Brazil jungles

Plant & Earth Medicine Journeys

All-Inclusive Healing Retreats with

San Pedro, Ayahuasca, Bufo Alvarius,Yopo & Kambo, in Mexico & Europe
Yopo Yanomami Ceremony — Venezuelan/Colombian border

Plant & Earth Medicine Journeys

All-Inclusive Healing Retreats with

San Pedro, Ayahuasca, Bufo Alvarius,Yopo & Kambo, in Mexico & Europe
Q’ero rituals — Apus mountains, Peru highlands

Plant & Earth Medicines Journeys

All-Inclusive Healing Retreats in Mexico & Europe with

San Pedro, Ayahuasca, Bufo Alvarius,Yopo, Kambo & more

Who we are

All of us are capable of evolving to access deeper levels of love, joy, peace and freedom. As our consciousness evolves, heals and transforms we can live to the fullest and share our unique gifts with the world.  We are a team of experts and dedicate our spiritual and human capital to support healing and the evolution of consciousness.

Passion and experience

We are a passionate and seasoned tribe. Our focus is the empowerment of others through the use of ancestral medicines and their unmatched capacity to help us heal & reconnect. We insist in sharing these medicines in the way of the elders. We owe everything to the wisdom holders of this world, the curanderos, vegetalistos and shamans of many traditions. And we are inspired and driven in a similar manner by their ways of reciprocity with nature.

We offer healing retreats specifically crafted for people in need of healing with an interest in discovering the deeper aspects of their true selves. Our mission is to share and help disseminate and preserve the collective wisdom found in the teachings and practices of traditional healers of Central and South America.

We bridge worlds

We believe that we are in a unique position to offer you a way to deeply rewarding work with master plant medicine as we are westerners who share with you a culture, a language and a mindset. Decades of personal work with plant and earth medicine have also rendered us initiates of a kind—shamanic practitioners, intuitives & facilitators—and allowed us to craft a way for the western mind to navigate and dialogue with the wonders and healing energies of Ancestral Medicine.

Our Retreats

The Indigenous Way

Our intention is to share the ancestral ways of healing where preparation, diet and intentional mindset are paramount to enter pure states of awareness and to heal physical, mental and spiritual ailments. Once you’re booked on one of our retreats an information pack will be sent to you to that effect. We also present both experiential and practical understanding of the sacred teachings of these medicines, and how to work individually with each one of them.


We carefully combine master plants like San Pedro and Ayahuasca and add other optional teaching spirits, Kambo and Bufo Alvarius to enhance your journey.

When you arrive, we will offer you the option to design your own retreat and either undertake two San Pedro ceremonies (day and night setting) or a San Pedro ceremony (day) followed ,the day after,  by an Ayahuasca ceremony (night). The choice is yours and is skilfully guided by our expert facilitators. They will provide ample information to support your experience.

Glorious Venues

We select very carefully our retreat centers and venues to offer the best combination of modern comfort in idyllic settings, steeped in abundant nature; far from the madding crowd, and close to an International Airport.

Simple Fees

The fees for our 4-day, all inclusive retreats vary from Central America to Europe to reflect local costs, taxes and organisation fees. In Mexico our 4-day retreat is $1650USD per person. To book your place on any retreat a non-refundable deposit of $500USD is required.

Cancellations and refunds are outlined in our Terms & Conditions. Should you need to reschedule a booking you can do so within 12 months of your initial booking and your deposit will be allocated to your new date. Find our dates schedule below.

Note that all our retreats require a minimum of 6 participants and we accept a maximum of 20 participants to guarantee quality attention is given to every single person.

Upcoming Sacred Earth Retreats

 San Pedro (2 ceremonies) or 1 San Pedro and 1 Ayahuasca ceremonies  + Bufo Alvarius and Kambo Cleanse

This unique retreat is carefully crafted to combine some of the most powerful ancestral medicines in the world. It provides a unique opportunity to understand the purpose of these teaching spirits, the way they work, their differences and similarities, in a safe setting.

Your facilitator, Frédéric, versed in all of them, has also studied the existing synergies between these medicines and established a specific protocol to help prepare the body and mind to help you integrate each experience in a safe manner.

You have the option in this retreat to either undertake two San Pedro ceremonies (day and night setting) or a San Pedro ceremony (day) followed, the day after,  by an Ayahuasca ceremony (night).

A Bufo Alvarius ceremony, a Kambo Cleanse and a Temazcal (Mexican sweatlodge) are also included. 

Dates & Booking

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The Earth Medicines we work with

San Pedro, Peru

Because it is a bit gentler than many of the other plant teachers, Huachuma has earned the nickname “The Grandfather” around the medicine community. Make no mistake though, San Pedro … 

Ayahuasca, Amazon

The Grandmother Ayahuasca is certainly to be respected as its strong spirit unfolds our minds and hearts to other realities and otherworldly experiences. It is a bright and convoluted…

Bufo Alvarius, Mexico

Sapo (Bufo Alvarius) is the master of non-duality. It will show you what holds the cosmos. With practice it will also lead you to realise the mystical yet revealing link there is between the ‘void’ and …

Kambo (Amazonian tree frog)

Kambocito, Kampu or Kambo has the propeties to reset your entire Immune system. It is very useful in our current times. It will also help you recode DNA. It works beautifully in preparation or as an adjuvent to…

Yopo, sacred snuff, Venezuela

Yopo is known to be one of the most sacred medicines of all the Americas. One of the remarkable powers of Yopo is that it momentarily obliterates the mask or “ego” that we interpret everyday life with. It also immerses…

Rapé (Rapéh) Sacred Tobacco snuff

Rapé is a fine, light-colored powder containing tobacco and other medicinal and sacred plants, including tree bark ashes, leaves, seeds, and various herbs. Once collected, the components are pulverized with…

Temazcal, Maya Sweatlodge

A Temazcal is a mud or brick dome-like construction and is used to house people while they undergo an ancient Aztec cleansing ritual. The intention of this is to balance the mind, body and spirit, ‘which they say promotes spiritual rebirth.’…

Cacao, Heart medicine

Also known as the ancestral medicine of the heart, the cacao ceremony encourages you to accelerate your evolution by letting go of everything that does not serve you anymore. During the ceremony, you will enjoy a delicious ….

Your guide on the journey

Welcome! my name is Frédéric Cherri,
therapist, teacher, ceremonialist, coach, and ... sometimes shaman

People sometimes call me a shaman. Although I’m comfortable with what the title means and although I perform some of the tasks covered in that definition, this title is mostly ‘given’ by others based on the results the person acquires in their community. A shaman never calls himself or herself a shaman. I’m mostly, and most humbly, a therapist of 30yrs clinical practice and tutoring in the field of trauma, immune disorders and perinatal issues. I’m also an entrepreneur, a retreat leader, a program teacher, a ceremonialist, a shamanic practitioner, an entheogen integration specialist and a personal coach. Years of study and practice on the path of workshop facilitation, field research and clinical & therapeutic work have led me to believe we can heal anything.

I'm aware of being a bit of an odd ball in the realm of ancestral medicines as I've trained in a variety of ancestral medicines and with a variety of different traditions. A medicine man or woman usually is a one-medicine specialist, and trains in one sole tradition. I, on the other hand have answered the call from many of these remarkable medicines and travelled wide and far to different jungles and mountains to work and study with varied first-people communities of this planet. I only work with medicines who have clearly called me. I believe there is a need for people like me to help bridge and disseminate to a western audience the extraordinary wisdom of the first nations who share these medicines.
Shamanic work and one of it’s mysterious and exciting aspects, the realm of plant or earth medicine, brings many answers to the unresolved issues of modern medicine or psychology.

I have dedicated my life to supporting others’ journey, growth and transformation and I would be delighted to answer your questions more directly via an informal Zoom or Whatsapp chat. Schedule a free call here. Or leave me a message on whatsapp +52 998 354 2178

Our venues

We select our venues to offer the best compromise of modern comfort in natural settings. 
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