Plant medicine retreats & transformational programs bridging ancient & modern wisdoms, driven by community, infused by nature, sparked by Spirit 


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Why We Do What We Do

An important phenomenon is happening right now: the ancient ones, the ones who knew how to live in harmony with all of life are starting to share many of their healing gifts. They invite us to walk this land, once more, with ease, grace, power and a renewed sense of community.

My path has led me to become a bridge between ancient & modern wisdom and my vision is to offer here unique transformational experiences for those seeking true connection, transformation and empowerment: our programs, shamanic practices, plant medicine retreats or trainings are designed to help better ourselves today by remembering the wisdom of ancient times.

For us all to Evolve, Thrive and Matter.



Our goal is to bridge the gap between both ancient wisdom and modern knowledge and offer simple and accessible entry points into this vast well of healing possibilities.

Ancient Wisdom

No matter where they lived, our ancestors were earth honouring people. All of their traditions combined the teachings of nature, seasons, cycles of life, the elements, Spirit and the Sacred. Their wisdom offers today an even more crucial understanding of magic and the artful weaving of Spirit (the intangible), with matter (the tangible).
We wouldn’t offer anything of value to others without the many gifts from the elders & guardians of ageless traditions and ancient wisdoms of this world. We are deeply indebted and grateful our paths have brought us to share some of the ideas and practices of these custodians of our favourite planet. We honour the instructions, guidance and the ‘rights of passage’ we have received to enrich other peoples’ lives. We bear with humility the responsibility that comes with sharing indigenous and earth-centred practices. It is our commitment to you. 

Modern Knowledge & Bridging Worlds

In our view, it has become crucial that both ancient wisdom and modern knowledge inform one another. The Western model of psyche and medicine have become inadequate to account for the wide spectrum of possibilities the ancient ways of healing offer.

The bridge is our metaphor to reflect what inspires us to bring value to the people and communities we choose to work with, around the world. Our offering endeavours to bring people from different walks of life together and to re-connect the world of the tangible with the world of Spirit; to offer a return to the many ways of honouring Earth, Nature and our shared humanity. To offer a powerful bridge of connection is our prayer – to create, with compassion and courage, a worldwide community of likeminded individuals, and to heal all differences.

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Programs, Retreats & Trainings

Learning Streams

Spiritrivers offers unique workshops, retreats, earth & plant medicine ceremonies and programs that merge ancient & modern wisdom to support transformation, healing & growth. These programs (we call them Streams) are based on cutting-edge experiential processes, the latest in the science of transformation and infused by the ancient ways of knowing and healing.  They are fuelled by Spirit, community and connection.

Meet SpiritRivers Founder

Frédéric Cherri 

A leader in the field of transformation and empowerment

Frédéric is an international retreat & workshop leader, a facilitator for deep transformation, a contemporary medicine man apprenticed in ancient as well as modern fields of healing, psychology, altered perception & alchemy. He loves nothing better than supporting radical change in the world & to create inspired lives that MATTER!

Invited worldwide as a keynote speaker & international facilitator on various topics of natural healing & shamanism, his long-standing experience in the clinical and workshop facilitation field has inspired him to create high-impact global retreats & unique spirited programs. His extensive study, training and research in the Cranial field, Shamanism and indigenous practices have led him to travel and work with various wisdom keepers, healers and pioneers in many fields of emerging consciousness.

Born in Africa, raised in the South of France, Frédéric now calls the-whole-world his home. His transition from a highly successful corporate career, working in many different areas and fields of business, led him to build and run a thriving Natural Health Centre in New Zealand for over 20 years.

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